Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Oppression of Want

Everybody wants something.

In the environment in which I live, if you in no way serve even the possibility of bringing to most people what they want, you are cast aside as irrelevant in their minds.

Whether their 'want' is, of material value or in serving the illusion of what they want themselves to be seen or known as, if you can't add to that, then they want nothing to do with you.

One of the greatest liberties I've been given, is the freedom to break free of the prison of 'Want'.

Don't get it twisted, I also have wants. But the way I see it, when your 'Wants' form the basis for all your Interaction and Perceptions, then it becomes Incarceration.

I want to live in a world where who I'm seen to be and what I have doesn't alone determine how I'd be treated.

The gift of finding people with whom you can create a 'Want-free existence' is one I dare to tag INVALUABLE.

Deliver us from the oppression of Want.

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  1. u knw wat i love about ur writing which ultimately reflects ur persona;its d outrightness! Ur pieces are direct and piercing...
    its like we think alike on almost every level...
    i'm a tari fan anytym anyday...
    kip it up dear!