Monday, September 27, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)

Disclaimer: This 'Weekend In Pictures' is being written with the mother of all hangovers!! So any unnecessary ranting or errors is caused by the intense discomfort I'm in...bear with me...


Worked out of Base Lounge, Silverbird Galleria!

Tones came to join me to work as well! Somehow...I really dunno how..a bottle of Hennessey was soon on our table to assist us as we worked.

A guy who had come for drinks came over to discuss with us..we ended up debating about Nigeria, the Elections and everything...Tones almost killed me with tension as she challenged all the guy's arguments..I saw it was really getting to's only God that saved us from getting beat up cos I can't fight abeg!!


Worked out of Base Lounge yet again...the Lunch was delicious...


Tones and I attended the Mid-week evening Fellowship of the Waterbrook, at the Oriental Hotel.

We really enjoyed the message, which was about Integrity & Influence.

Hooked up briefly with The Kingpin..he held me hostage for a little bit as I acted as his accomplice in plotting an escape strategy..Lol

I escaped soon and rushed over to the coded Guest House in V.I. to work on a 'Making the Video' script with the Director...didn't finish till after midnight..*yawn*



Back to the coded Guest House to wrap up on this Production once and for all!!

BEZ was around...*smile*


I really, really like BEZ!! He is sooooo humble and easy to work with!! BEZ has no unnecessary airs about him...just easygoing and nice to be around..I like!

His music is also really great and I'm super-excited about his album coming out soon!!

Headed over to 'The Balcony' so Tones and I could chill and work together...

Then was traumatised by what was going on in this picture which also inspired me to throw a challenge out on Twitter...

I would take whoever (guy or girl) could tell me what's going on in the picture out on a date!

I soon had a winner! So I now had a date for Saturday!!


I'm very grateful for John, my Personal Assistant and No.1 Foot Soldier!!

Worked on my piece on the MAMA's slogan all evening!! If you don't hear from me on this blog in a long time, know I've been kidnapped or something...LOL

Later went to Base Lounge to make some preparations for the party we were having there the next day...

Then came back home and settled in bed with suya and my new BFF, Sir Richard Branson...


Took my sister to REHAB salon on Adeniran Ogunsanya Street in Surulere, so Dada could give her a pimped-out new haircut...


Dada always has these theories and predictions about me!! This Saturday's prediction was of how he sees me as a woman who just wants to make billions of dollars so that in a few years, I can just relax at home with all my University boyfriends and spoil them with cash!!

Lmao...the guy cracks me the hell up!! Yeah and he delivered as usual on my sister's haircut!

So it was time to meet my date who I had never known or met prior to my Twitter Challenge..I kept my fingers crossed as I got ready..

I finally met him; not bad at all...he was very pleasant and apparently, I had actually met him before on a very random occassion!!

I had been at a party, and this guy comes over with all seriousness, to ask me to be his girlfriend!! I told him there was a process for that, and gave him my blog url...

Fast forward to my Saturday date, and you wouldn't believe that my date was that same random guy!! He actually took me seriously and followed a process...

I took him for the 360Nobs Pool Party at Tribeca...

360's Bims & I

Bims is such a darling *kiss kiss*

Pamela & Koyinsola


It was a nice party!! My date and I left and he took me to see what he called one of his favourite views of Lagos.

I suspected I knew where that was..and I was right!! My date and I apparently have a whole lot in common!

Left my date and went home to get dressed for the Party at Base Lounge. He met me there later...

Jesse Jagz & Cool FM's N6

Ere Green & Nuella

I totally enjoy hosting people!! I get sooo much satisfaction in knowing everyone has had a GREAT time!!

Side note to my Date: I had a fabulous time hanging with you on Saturday!! I hope I didn't completely bore you too death...and thanks for your patience as I was seriously on the grind through our entire date!! I enjoyed chilling at your Secret Place..and if it's cool with you, I'd love for us to do that again..and this time, I promise to leave my BB in the car!! *straight face*

Went dancing with The Kingpin a place where we were being fed shooters out of syringes by some scandalous Nurses!! LOL


Crawled out of bed to go hook up with my girlfriend who I haven't seen since Queens College!!

We met at the Mall..she had a quick Chapman..

We did some Window-shopping...

I never understand how people can pay tons of money just because they want to be wearing a 'Designer' brand name, even though the quality is s*#t!! I showed my friend some poorly done finishing on these overpriced 'Designer' outfits in the store.

Then we were invited to Lunch by her really nice friend...his Mum's cooking is the ISH!!

Little did I know when I was leaving my house, what I was gonna be in for!! His Mum had us all sit around her Dining Table reading the Bible and sharing her experiences with 'Religion' with us!!

We were there for 4hours!! But I'm not complaining, his Mum is one of the most endearing, straightforward and interesting women I have ever met!! I enjoyed every moment of those 4hours...well, almost every moment!!

I also learned a lot and this was the Bible verse that was stamped on my heart as we left...

"My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life"

Said by Jesus..'them' being every single one of us..regardless of differences...I need to remember this verse more often!!

Dashed home to shower (ooopss!! I just revealed to the world that I'm a dirty girl..Lol..don't let me shock you with more details) and get ready for the TuFace concert!!

Got into my work boots ready for the grind...

So whenever you see me in these boots, know I'm working!! I love My Boo, Ton Ekiyor, I stole the boots from's been a Lifesaver!!

Made a quick stop at my Egbon's...he was having one of his legendary Grilling parties...and as always, he never fails to impress me with his spread...

Making the choice of what to eat was tough..but I'm always up for a challenge..

My plate

Then my Egbon laughed his head off at me as I took empty plastic bottles and filled them with Vodka and Cranberry juice, to sneak them into the Concert so I wouldn't have to buy drinks there!!

Abeg abeg are you not aware that there's a Global recession?! I don't have money to go and be buying drinks at no Concert mehn!! *sticking my tongue out*

Left my Egbon's, hooked up with the Bestie, and it was time to assume my role as TuFace's No. 1 Groupie!!

Was pleasantly surprised as The Kingpin was the first person I saw as I approached the venue...was such a random sighting!!

He cracked up as I let him in on the bottles I was sneaking into the Concert!! He said I shouldn't worry, he's done worse...and sipped some of my concoction!!

The Concert was worth all the hype...beyond all I expected!! 2FACE IS THE KING!!

Who could ever have suspected that these drinks were snuck into the venue?! *evil villain laughter*

I love the Bestie...she's always game for naughty activity!! LOL...see the scam we pulled as we kept on reaching under the table to refill our glasses from the plastic bottles under the table!!

Only one guy seemed to be unto us...Lol

Seun Opaleye

Seun & I

..And after the Show is the After Party!!

Call me weird, but I actually enjoy watching The Kingpin in his element...from a distance!! *evil villain laughter*

My friend N6 cracked me up all night with his 'Alanta'!! Yeah and he's the major reason I have a headache the size of the entire East Coast right now!!I think it was payback for what he claims I did to him at the party on Saturday!! *evil grin*

So that's been my Weekend, I hope I have not succeeded in 'Implicating' myself in anyway...IMPLICATED..2Face..get it?! LOL



  1. Tari..I always love reading your blogs..
    But Babes you sha love groove..
    Nuffin do you jare.@the sneaked drinks...I totally like that,cool and wise chikena..
    Keep the blogs coming and we will keep reading

  2. Fun, fun, fun. I wish my weekend was half as fun as yours. Awesome ;P

  3. I'm almost certain I posted a smiley face and I don't see it. hmm...

  4. I had so much fun last weekend, prolly why i'm ill now. LOL. I enjoyed the 360Nobs pool party too. I can't explain it...I AM ADDICTED TO WATER. Its always nice seeing u, Tari. P.S. Can i say since my pic is up on ur blog, i've made it? Can i call my momma? LOLZ

  5. Now I can't wait to be back in Nigeria! Lovely pics, esp the food, lol..