Wednesday, September 22, 2010

YES...I'm TuFace's No 1 Groupie!!

*singing* "You and I were meant to be together baby...Can't you see that you are the only one for me"

Ahhhh...the pleasurable sounds from none other than the most dynamic and in my opinion, most relevant artiste in contemporary Nigerian music.

I have been in a secret love affair with TuFace Idibia since those days of Plantashun Boiz miming in front of a Zmirage lit backdrop on AIT Jamz!!

Of course he knows nothing about our affair...and that's fine with me, but I have stood by TuFace through thick n thin; baby-mama drama and 'Enter the Place'!!

He is one artiste that we have all watched evolve from a sonorous romantic crooner to the powerful and wise Street Philosopher he has become today.

TuFace has faced the demons of stardom and charmed them into becoming his servants! How many young guys could have gone through all that drama in the unkind glare of public criticism, and still come out on top of his game?

TuFace has been beaten, robbed and deprived, yet he came out screaming "NUTTIN DE HAPPEN" and inspiring us all!!

In this day where you see a lot of Artistes trying to conform to the stereotype of what the West expects an African Artiste to be, TuFace Idibia has remained true to his own Evolution and that is something worth celebrating him for.

His music is a collection of African stories; his sound, an expression of what the faceless men and women daily being mis-represented in the World Media are truly about.

TuFace is a living testament of the truth that true Education is about an awakened consciousness; an awareness of what is happening around you at every point in time.

He is in touch with his core; connected to his source...a beacon of hope to anyone who will also walk his path.

I've woken up this morning with TuFace on my mind because I'm excited that come Sunday, I'll be the No.1 groupie at his concert!!

This will be my 2nd TuFace concert...the 1st was a couple of years ago at the MTN XtraPro TuFace Tour.

I'm looking forward to experiencing yet another historical episode in the Making of a Musical Legend.

Let's Go There!!!

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