Monday, September 6, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


Traumatised my Twitter followers and people at home with my new favorite meal combination!!

Indomie & Efo Riro

Received confirmation from ZAIN and co. that they received letters sent regarding changing the MAMA's slogan...


Then it was off to theLatin Dance Club for my very first Burlesque lesson...

Burlesque Props

Lol...I learned how to 'Bump n Grind', shut the door of a car by 'popping' my Booty, and also all kinds of 'Shimmies'!!

That was just the Introductory Class...more to come this week!!

Oyinda Sexy Burlesque Instructor


Work...and then went to have my hair braided!! If anyone knows a Recruitment Agency for the KGB or CIA...please let them know that the girl in the Salon where I braided my hair will make a great Torture Chamber-Lady!!

Went for my Egbon's birthday party at Base Lounge later!!

Then hung out with 'The Kingpin'*huge blush*

I really enjoyed hanging out with 'The Kingpin'!! It was really nice...we went to the Club together! I've known 'The Kingpin' for quite a bit, but its the first time we'd actually go out together...gosh I'm saying too much already and why the heck can't I stop smiling?!!

The conventional things like how many bottles of Champagne a guy would buy in the Club, or all those other kind of stuff don't really impress me...but I was quite impressed by the 'The Kingpin' that night...with the effect he seems to have on everyone!!

From the Bouncers to the 'Aboki's' selling outside the Club, to even random people driving past the Club, everyone was screaming his name and soooo excited to see him. It wasn't like he was throwing money at them or anything, it was more of a deep RESPECT for him, which I could tell made them respond that way to seeing him.

Hence, I tagged him the name 'The Kingpin'. Anyway, enough of that for now...I'm sure you get the picture...I had a really GREAT time!!


Work...went to interview rapper, Ikechukwu for 360 CHAT WITH TARI!!

Ikechukwu & I

Was a lovely Interview...Ikechukwu opened up on many sides of himself he hasn't spoken about before!! Will be out soon...

Then it was off to Terra Kulture to hang out with the girls...

Bella Naija Features Editor, Glory Edozien & Inspiration FM's Wana Udobang

Wana was chairing a Book Review organised by Farafina...we stayed for dinner afterwards!!

That was my dinner...topped it up with Nigeria's Official Drink...


Since I've dropped the Pension-starved Prostitute look, we decided to go to Bungalow's!! The same Bouncers threw open the I was right about the hair...they also apologised to me anyway!!

Glory Edozien

We ran into some company there...

Noble Igwe...getting his female swag on!!

Dami Olaiya & Noble Igwe

Dami & MAI Atafo

It was off to KARAOKE from there...

Wana..wrecking the mike

Artistes like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Usher and many others must have been having seizures from what we were doing to their songs at Karaoke!!

Had some really juicy Sharwarma...did a brief stint at the Industry Nite/Nigeria Entertainment Awards Nominees Party holding at Saipan...then its was off to Marquee..

Saw 'The Kingpin' at some point in the evening...he was looking AMAZING!! *shameless smile*

I couldn't get over this HUGE glass my Hennessey was served in...

Had a really great Saturday with the girls...there is no subject under the sun that we didn't talk about that day!! They all have such intelligent and positive minds! Thanks've given me soooooo much Blog Content!! *smile*


Woke up...had a massive brain touch which made me jump out of bed, grab a few books and head over to one of my Secret places to chill all by myself!!

Well, not exactly by myself...had some company...

Left there after a couple of hours of deep thinking while soaking up the sun and serenity...went to another Secret Place!!

Realised I hadn't eaten anything all day when I got there...but in my brain touch inspired rush, I had no money...well, except this...

So all I could afford was this...

Muffin & Zobo

Fear did not allow me eat that Muffin ooooo!! The thing looked like a weapon of Mass destruction...

Mean-Ass Muffin

As in don't wanna be in a Food Fight and the other team has those Muffins as ammunition!!

Anyway, I drank my Zobo and read the newspapers until the Bestie came to rescue me...

I miss Tones, so I was poring over her work in ELAN!! She went to Italy to shoot at a wedding!

Seun Opaleye

We had chicken wings and loads of Palm Wine...

Later lay on mats in the sun as I taught her my infamous Stretching Routine...our bodies felt like we had visited a Pleasure Paradise not too long after!!

So that was my Weekend!! Hope you had a great one too...enjoy your week!! And please if you really do feel anything about the 'giving Africa a voice' MAMA's slogan...change it by signing the Petition!!


Yeah and share my 'heart' with as many people as you can!!!


  1. Gosh i have become a geek, i actually look forward to seeing your weekends in pictures (and words).

  2. wow...its my first time on your blog and i love it. saw the link on 360nobs. nice.

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  4. great read as usual Tari! i'm an ardent follower of ur blog. I've noticed that we kinda share a peculiar and similar love for food(most of what u put up here as regards food:i love!) Abeg,where is this palm wine n chicken wings hideout?...looks *scrumptious*!!

  5. Pretty please with strawberry on top tari*huge smile* tell us your secret places! They look really chilled out, away from all the hustle and bustle of crazy lagos. I have plans on coming to Nigeria for a bit and i dont want to end up going to the usual places, so please please tell us................ ok me and quirky lol!

  6. *strawberries* excuse my typo heheheee!

  7. Lol @ Anonymous *singing* I'm not telling!!!

    These people haven't paid me for the hype..I cant be giving them FREE Publicity abeg!!

    I already told Quirky where they are sha...oya gimme your e-mail!!

    Thanks for coming to the blog Phury...pls come again!!

    @Tomi: I actually also look forward to sharing my you're not the only geek in d house!!

  8. you are very right, they should pay if they want to be mentioned on your blog! even if it is small money:) I have gotten hook on your writing o! read all your articles on 360 in one afternoon. Keep it up, i am well entertained!! Kisses

  9. and evidently i can't spell. *hooked

  10. awww... Tones went for the Omisore wedding, nice!! plus I know those places *smiley face* Visited them last Dec.
    I look forward to ur weekend in pictures and words as well... although it makes me feel nostalgic :( it also keeps me "on top of my game" hehehe e.g U made me know cubes is now base lounge... umm... I'm ryt ryt?

  11. p.s- I'm glad Zain has acknowledged the petition. good job!

  12. Nice pics and comments

    Please also check out this blog

    Hilarious stuff

  13. lol Tari that your combo is...suspect. that muffin looks like it could be called one of the powerpuff girls, seriously could kick some a**. your chill out places look sooo serene!!!!!! As for the book you are a real book geek! but I can never get enough of books!!

  14. hey tari,

    your blog me luvs!!! yr d best!!

  15. @Mizz: yes're soooo on point!! hi-5

    Lmao @ Miss Natural...powerpuff goodness..LOL

    Thanks Dapo!!

  16. OMG !!!.. I'm glad to c i'm not the only one over 20 that still reads Enid Blyton's esp "the faraway tree" .. I love that book :)

  17. Hey ladies sure had a long day on saturday! thanks to Wana for doing the farafina book review. and of course now i know where i know you from, with Nobs at Ice Cream Factory, duh! still love the yellow and green combo and just read a good part of your blog in one sitting, great writing! When you're ready for that book of short stories, call us at Farafina.... ;-)

  18. Hi Lola, yeah..Ice Cream Factory..and you are an UNRULY!! *winks*
    It's interesting that you mention this at this time...anyway, I have your digits (dont ask)...ill holla soon!!

  19. Hey, Miss ... No church on Sunday? (shakes head sadly)