Saturday, September 4, 2010

CHURCH Just Got Funky

TWB – The Waterbrook Church moves to Lagos Oriental Hotel Victoria Island.

Lagos, Nigeria, September 1, 2010.

The Waterbrook Church will now hold its Service at Lagos Oriental Hotel – 3 Lekki Road, Victoria Island Lagos from Sunday September 5, 2010 at 10am.
Speaker – Pastor Tony Rapu
Hosts – Amanda and Dele Balogun.

THE Water Brook is a place without walls or boundaries, where people who have grown weary of the conventional way of doing church seek an environment of freedom to worship God without the perception of being confined by conventional church, religion or age restrictions.

It’s a gathering of diverse minds, backgrounds and opinions but with one thing in common, a thirst and hunger for the Word of God and a desire for a closer walk with the Father.

At TWB, we build up the new generation and guide them through real life issues that we face and how to stay focused on God even when the world seems to be closing in on you.

It’s a new experience in God. It’s a place of teaching, learning, healing, discovery and if you let it, it’s a place of new beginnings. So if you need to break away to be more intense with God, The Water Brook is just the place for you.


  1. hmmmmmm...... another "Brand new" Naija church selling same 'ol ish in new packaging..

    O well as far as it brings in the "tithes and offerings" soon & fast enough as "Pastor & Mrs Pastor" need their "fancy blings & new holiday homes in London & America" ASAP!! (or how else can we tell God's prospering them)


  2. you're a fool for this comment.

  3. @Anonymous

    "your scam is showing"......

  4. BTW....

    Notice how these "New Naija COOL Churches" always rush to "VI or Ikoyi" with their first "outreach branch" not "Abule Egba or Mosholashi" where the "poors" are more likely to hangout? I guess these are not "prosperity worthy" areas (can't rake in much Tithes and Offerings fast enough can it or Pastor may have to use it to "help" the needy in the congregation [Goodforbid!!!]?)

    /*....and the scam continues....*/