Monday, August 23, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


I had entered one of my classic anti-social, don't want to see or talk to anyone, lock myself in and the whole world out, trapped in my mind modes.

I remained like that the entire day, burying myself in work, until the Bestie came and dragged me out of it in the evening.

She stayed a little, we gisted and basically chilled....I went right back into that mode as soon as she left.


Remained in that dangerous state all day...then sometime in the evening, couldn't make any headway on an article, so figured it might be because I have not breathed fresh air or interacted with anyone in quite a bit.

So I took a shower, summoned Gigi (my chariot/car) and headed to my neighbourhood Bar/Suya Spot for a beer and some random company.

My goodness, that was exactly what I needed!!

I absolutely love the thrill of making a pure human connection!! I'm sitting somewhere, no-one has a clue who I am, or even cares. I spent my evening having an interesting conversation and drinks with two random guys who don't know each other or me.

We talked about everything!! Nigeria, the coming Elections, traffic in Lagos, Blackberry was a refreshing time. Made even more interesting by the fact that we actually didn't know each other's names and only introduced ourselves as we parted ways.

It's really nice when you meet people and interact from a non-gender, non-status, non-anything perspective!! It's just purely human minds meeting and making a connection and we all go our seperate ways, impacted by the strangers we shared a small part of ourselves with.

I love it!!

My friend Kemi Alaiyemola (I call her Moggy-Lee) soon came to drag me out of the house after I returned home.

We went Base Lounge chilling...

Kemi Alaiyemola - The brain behind popular toning lotion, Kemi's Souffle

Moggy-Lee has to be one of the most generous people on this planet!! We've been friends since Queens' College, and even though I sometimes am convinced she's insane, she's always been my darling!!

I call her my Gold Rush also, as she always randomly gives me gold jewellry!! I'm talking like really expensive gold fact this weekend, she's given me two new pairs of shoes!!

So you understand what I mean about her generosity!!!

Kemi & I

We had a great time at Base Lounge as usual!! Not surprisingly, I was yet again captivated by a certain female could tell the girl knew she was too bad, and was even trying to pretend that she wasn't aware that all eyes were on her, by focusing on her Blackberry the entire time!!

She was wearing a very short, tight skirt and a vest...yet she kept dancing and going to the floor, regardless of her short skirt. Then she'd be touching herself all provocatively...

Kai..sometimes, I feel sorry for guys sha!!

Her dancing was so legendary that Kemi and I were practising it in front of the mirror when we got back home!!

Before we got home though, we made a stop at a club where I witnessed a showdown that I would have said was impossible up until that point!!

There is only one word to describe what I witnessed....FAAAAJJIIIIII!!!!!

We got back home and just as we were about to sleep, I told Moggy-Lee to say good night to the Timbuktu's...the nuisance told them "Rest In Peace" instead!!

I almost sent her out of my house...can you imagine?!!


My very good boyfriends, who are also a group of Fashion Designers called Onyx & Pearl, were showing their first collection at a Fashion Show/Competition called 'Sashay As We Say'...I went to show my love!!

I was sooo proud of them, as not only did they impress the heck out of the Judges with the edginess and freshness of their Collection, they also WON the award for Best Designers!!!

Oyakhire, 'Debayo, Seun & Dapo of ONYX & PEARL

The have brilliantly combined their individual strengths in Business, Media Marketing and Design, to form this working partnership!!

I have no doubt about how successful they'd be because their ALL really great guys, with the most wonderful hearts!!

'Debayo Oke-Lawal


Had an Interview with Adaku, for her blog called Third World Profashional, at Cafe Royale.


I cringe in anticipation of the day she publishes that Interview...I'm shy!!!! *now covering my face and hiding under my desk*

Later went to hang out with the Bestie, and then eventually with Tones, who shared some wonderful news with me!! I'm soooo excited for her....nuff said!!

Then came back home, and it was time for a Family Portrait with the Timbuktu's...


  1. lmaooo Tari you are hilarious! family portrait indeed :) I like your friend, my friend has teddies and I dont understand why. I always kick them to the floor when i'm over at hers, RIP sounds like something id say. Im kinda warming to mr timboks though! Adebayo!! congrats to onyx and pearl, may they go far IJN. TWP is really pretty! the pic on her blog doesnt do her as much justice as this one. ok long comment, leaving, leaving...left!!

  2. pls how can i get in touch with Kemi? i want her super cream :D

  3. Lmao @ Miss Natural...ur terribly MEAN just like Kemi!!

    Miss Tee, her you can make an order for the 'Super Cream' on 08062191840

  4. u are such a genius tari,u av always been my role model i love everything about u.keep up ur good works

  5. tari this your hair...I dont know o! the thing just dey shine. I love u, so i'm begging invest in something normal

  6. Kemi Kemi... all those seniors that didn't take nonsense...

  7. friday night sounded amazing especially when you alluded to the enjoyment of human conversation from a "...non-gender, non-status, non-anything perspective". those are the best!