Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Current Location: Bedroom
Issue on Ground: Eemm..norrin mush..just pacing
Current Solutions: Forget solutions for now...just ENJOY...

I really, really love Cece Winans 'Throne Room' album!!

I'm drawn in every single time I listen to it. First time I ever experienced it was like 6-7yrs ago!

I remember, I just used to drive to and from school all caught up in the amazing worship it creates!!

That's one album that few months ago, I actually went to look for the original copy to buy!

The one I had back then was pirated and even got lost. But when I wanted it this year I knew I would be a Biatch if I didn't put some money into Cece's pocket for what I know I will (and have) enjoyed from it.

So now I've reconnected with the experience all over again and this time LEGALLY...Lol

Every song on this album, I carry with me at different points in time..and they're about 15. (Ok there's one I no de too feel sha...and its playing right now)

In this 'Throne Room' album, she's mostly speaking TO God, worshipping Him and telling Him how wonderful He is.

However in the 'Purified' album (which came out after this), she's speaking FROM God. Like she's HIS Voice, telling you and I deep things from the heart of God.

Its amazing!!! *contented sigh*

Ooooohhh....and guess who went on a date today?!! *smiling mischievously*

*in sing-song voice* I'm NOT TELLINNNGGG.......*now whistling*

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