Monday, July 5, 2010

A True Star - Chima Dirichukwu

Before Saturday, the name Chima Dirichukwu meant absolutely nothing to me!!

I was quite familiar with the face behind the name, because it is very hard to not notice him in the way he carries himself and goes about his WORK with dignity and finesse. He’s also quite good-looking too!

Chima is a Waiter at Ice-Cream factory, who touched my heart in a way that would remain with me for as long as I live.

Chima Dirichukwu

Being the Diva that I know I can sometimes be, I wanted a glass of water, and told Chima, who had been serving me since I arrived for my meeting, that I wanted my water served with ice and lemon in a wine glass.

Not sure if they had one of those available, seeing that it’s an Ice-cream shop and all, Chima asked if I would mind being served in a Water-glass just in case they didn’t have a wine glass.

I asked him to check for the wine-glass and if they didn’t have, then I’d settle for the Water-glass.

12 minutes later, and Chima had still not returned with my order. I got slightly irritated and was about getting up to go make a complaint, when Chima appeared, hurrying toward our table with a Wine-glass in his hand.

He was breathing fast and quickly apologized, saying that he took a bike all the way to Falomo to get me the wine-glass.

Speechless, I said to him that he didn’t have to go that far, I could have settled for the water-glass. Then he said the words that just completely numbed me:

“No you WANTED a wine glass, so I made sure I went to get it for you.”

It was official: for one of the few times in my life, I WAS SPEECHLESS!!

Speechless because such Customer Service is a NOVELTY in Nigeria…and I’m not even exaggerating.

Speechless because, a lot of Waiters here don’t have that kind of thorough attitude toward their job; they act most times like they’re doing you a favor.

By going to that extent to ensure Customer Satisfaction in a job that probably doesn’t even pay his basic needs, Chima Dirichukwu has shown himself to be not only Excellent at whatever he does, but also as a Great Guy.

He is My Star.

Thanks Chima, may ALL your dreams come to be.


  1. errr sister i hope u gave him a huge tip o???

  2. wow!!! amazing customer service, On point! to be honest wiv u, i!!! as a customer service personnel, wont go to dat extent but with dis story, i probably consider going an extra mile cos i neva know who am serving rite, could be an angle still...

  3. Unbelievable!! What a story :-)



  4. Almost, unbelievable but i am glad there are always exceptions in this country.

  5. who the hell drinks water in a wine glass??? Hello! in the name of being supposedly sophisticated.. this is silly sha. but chima tried . but still very silly to ask for water in a wine glass.. smh

  6. i find it difficult to believe, that a waiter could leave his job from V/I to ikoyi to satisfy his customer .... i don't think that kind of customer service still exist in Nigeria.

  7. awwww Chima....i tried hiting on him....didnt go to