Monday, July 5, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures


Woke up feeling very weak after my night-time bout with a hurting tummy, so decided to take it easy.

Worked from my bed..Tones, Didi and Juwon, came visiting one after the other, keeping me company.

Mr Timbuktu also had some company..I've never seen him look soo excited!!

Mr Timboks & Jasmine


Came back home after a veerryyy productive day at work and got ready at a Snail's pace for dinner at one of my Egbon's house.

Finally got there; ate alone as all the other guests and my Host had long given up on waiting for me to arrive!

The food was delicious!! My Egbon never fails to lay it out proper...

Then we all went up to watch the Ghana-Uruguay match; after all the screaming, laughing and heartache, we came back down to hit the other side of the table...

Our resident Bartender made me the most delicious Hennessey shake I never even knew could be done!!


Had a delicious Breakfast/meeting at my Pastor's house, then rushed to get ready for my Etiquette classes.

Much later, had yet another meeting with Noble Igwe at Ice-cream factory, during which I got a FULL tutorial on a subject I SHALL be writing about soon!!

Noble Igwe

Me & Nobs

Was loving my briefcase/purse sooo much I had to paparazzi it...


Church was AMAZING!! Pastor Wale Adefarasin gave a great message on the 'Distorted Views We Often Have Of God'!!

Had a 'BEING SESSION' with Yvonne at Cafe Royale later. This is a session when we just's funny cos I don't even remember us talking to each other for the 2hrs we were there!! We just CHIIILLL...

And had some delicious Shrimp with Rice Vermicelli Spring Rolls..

That was my weekend..hope yours was great as well!!

Have a fabulous week ahead!!

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