Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Important Info...

Hello People,

It's Wednesday, and my 2nd Bella Naija article is out!! 'THE MARRIED WOMAN WITHOUT A HEAD' is what its me, it's a must-read!!

The Creative Careers Fair is still going down on the 15th & 16th and TARIERE members are not even playing about it!! We exhausted all 7 FREE tickets we offered and even had to throw in some extra!!

Our friends at INDUSTRY NITE have shown us some support by giving some more FREE tickets to more TARIERE members who are interested in attending this great opportunity for people trying to break into Creative fields!!

If you're looking for a FUN, relaxing and creatively inspiring place to hang out tonight, then you MUST go for the INDUSTRY NITE special featuring reggae sensation, Benny Paladin & General Pype, as well as performances from King of the Zanga-DURELLA and Gino.

It's at Villa Medici, 1 Festival Rd, off Adetokunbo Ademola, VI, from 9pm.

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