Monday, July 19, 2010

Snapshots From A Lagos PARTY

Venue: AURA Nightclub, Victoria Island
Day: Wednesday Night
Occasion: Errr...actually..PARTY JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT!!!!!!
Time: Take a WIILLDD guess ok?!!

Frank Okamigbo of PAPAS Nightclub & Bimbo Adigun (BERYLS Designer)

Isi Gold...formerly of KOKOMANSION

IT Specialist, Ekor & Yvonne Nwosu of VONNE

Aunty Mary Okereke

Osayi, Etiosa & Akunna

Marcus & Isi Gold

Kai..if only they could have just given me the money they used to buy ALL this Champagne...

Anyway, this quantity is just an Appetiser in the world of Lagos Champagne Popping!!

So was Isi Gold trying to appease the gods of Champagne for the sin of EXCESS, by pouring them a drink?!

Well, the gods have probably already given up on Lagos Party People by now!!

You know I can NEVER resist a HOOTT pair of shoes!!

Akunna & Yvonne


..And finally...'s my bag whom I LOVE sooo much, so it's still ME!!

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