Monday, June 28, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures

My Weekend began waayy back on Wednesday, as I attended the Industry Nite hosting of PMAN for the World Music Day Celebrations.


Packed my bags and headed for ABUU-JAAA!! It was a Working Trip..but you know the saying, "WORK a'int WORK if it doesn't have some PLAY in it" (I've put a Trademark on that by the way...just made it up!!)


Attended the Birthday party of a certain House of Reps Member. I remember ducking as I entered the venue, just in case any chairs or punches start raining on me!!

Also kinda had to RUN out of there..check my DIARY for why...


Woke up with a hangover..and called for the CURE...

Peppered INDOMIE..the cure for ALL Hangovers..Quote me on that!!

Felt better soon and went to hang with the Girls...

Me & the girls (LOL)

But seriously, don't they look REAL?!

After about 3 gruelling hours at the Designer's store, went for lunch at the Artsy, swanky, Salamander's Cafe...

Hmmnn..I wonder if you know me well enough to guess which meal was mine...

This delicous Raspberry Lemonade drink was mine though..


Said my good-byes to Abuja and couldn't wait to be re-acquainted with my Beloved LAGOS!!!

Oh I must add, both my flights, to and fro, were DELIGHTFUL!!!

Was soooo excited to be back in Lagos, I rushed out of the house once I got back. Went straight to Le Petit Marche (LPM)

Then the Bestie and her fiance took me for a Smoothie and a late Lunch...

I'm THE best person ANYONE can ever spend their money on, cos I give value for their money..

Hmmnn..and WHO is this mysterious SCAVENGER?!

Lemme give you a clue..IT'S NOT MEEE!!! (LMAO!!)

Later, I hit a certain location, which I just feel like being mysterious about, by not telling you where..HEHEHE!!

Yvonne Nwosu & Isi Gold

Me & Yvonne

Slim & Busola

Ify, Toyin Lawani, Yvonne & Isi Gold

I will tell you though, that it was MAADDD, CRRAAZZYYYY FUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!

So that was my Weekend...wishing you ALL a blessed week ahead!!!

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