Monday, June 28, 2010

Industry Nite hosts PMAN on World Music Day

On the 21st of June every year, music lovers ALL around the world celebrate World Music Day, an initiative that began in France in the year 1982.

INDUSTRY NITE, a gathering of players in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, on Wednesday 23rd June, 2010, hosted the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), in a celebration of the WMD.

It was a great night with a blend of highlife, juju and other indigenous genres of Music, taking centerstage. True Music Connoiseurs and Veterans of the Nigerian Music Industry came out to celebrate at the GET Arena, Lekki, Lagos.


Elvina Ibru & sister

General Pype, Tara Heckshire & guest

Moi & Toni Tones

Also, I was honored to be acquainted with some Nigerian music Legends you'll probably NEVER hear about...

They were having a meal outside the venue..

INDUSTRY NITE Initiator, Matthew Ohio & Moi

More performers

'Bowale 'Defule of Muzikol & Moi

Club Sandwich..the Safest choice for Dining out in Lagos

Chapman..Nigeria's Unofficial Drink

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