Saturday, June 26, 2010

Current Location: On the way back from party..ABUJJAA!!!
Current Situation: Scared of myself...

I just told a woman I met that "She's a veerryyy sexy woman.."

Don't run away pleeaasseeee...Im serious guys, she was sooooooo freaking SEXXYYY OMG!!!
The moment I stepped into the party, she told me I was Beautiful and I told her that I thot she was as well.

Lemme admit, iv had some..lots of Champagne as I write this..but this blog is for my I have to say ALL on it. My GOD-MAN, quick rescue me so I can tell you EVERYTHING and not have to share ALL on this blog!!!

It was a great party, the House of Reps member whose parry it was was also really nice!! But this Lady who had to be the SEXIEST woman iv ever seen, shook me up a little.

For some weird reason, I think everyone there but me knew somethin about this lady...Hmmnn..maybe that's why no guy came around me all the while I was there!!

My goodness I flirted shamelessly with that Lady..and she threw it right back at me with much more expertise!!

I think I berra sharrap now before I completely throw all of myself into the river.

Gosh the way I ran out of that place ehn..I didn't even say good-bye to her...

As much as babes say guys are messed up..I want my God-Man, what he has up in his head, in his heart, and YES down in his pants as well!!!!!



  1. Nice blog here. Are you sure you didn't know about the sexy lady? LOL....

  2. i love the fact that you are so honest on your blog.. i love your blog tariere, it's because of you and linda ikeji and boredom that i encouraged my friends and i to start a blog. you should follow us.