Monday, June 14, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures


Came back home from my office and passed out very early as though someone had given me one delicious massage..


Had to dash out of the office early to take my nephew to the hospital where we did some serious Royal Rumble to get him still for injections. So came back home feeling like I had been Mountain Climbing or something.

Later that evening though, a mysterious person came over and tried to seduce Mr Timbuktu behind my back..

The only clue as to the person’s identity is this very mysterious piece of evidence..

Super Yogo...hmmnnn

Anyway, as you can see, Mr Timboks knows who his Sugar Mama is so he’d have none of that!

Got the munchies quite late (as usual) so decided to prowl the streets of Victoria Island for some food. Got detoured at the spot I went to by these..

..ran out like it was haunted few minutes after!! I don’t like looking for wahala..cos I know if I start…

Found a Safe Zone.

Maybe not so was Karaoke!!

Selected Lauryn Hill’s ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ when the Dreaded Book was passed to me, and braced myself for the Choppin n Screwin I was going to be doing to her song pretty soon.

Didn’t get to sing though, as I wasn’t sure how long it’d be till my turn, and my Shawarma was getting cold.

Headed home. Mr Timboks and I saw half of ‘Men of Honor’ till we dozed off.


Woke up and did some luxurious, yet intense Stretching Exercises that had me feeling new-born.

Then had a lazy Breakfast with my sister at the Southern Sun hotel.

Went for a quick session at the Spa that had my face feeling like it had been slapped by 400 angry prostitutes when they were through with me!!

Then was the Bestie’s date for a Wedding..

Me & Seun Opaleye

Went for what I’ve begun to refer to as a ‘BEING’ session with Toni Tones, at Café Royale. What happens during those times is we just basically Chiiiiillllllllllll!!!

We met some refreshinly down-to-earth ladies there..I couldn't help overhearing their conversation and was drawn to their REALNESS so went over to talk to them!!!

Then we got hungry..

Few minutes later..

..Toni STILL wouldn't let it goo..

Did us a lil Afrobeat session at Terra Kulture later..

Seun Anikulapo-Kuti

Then went back home. Mr Timboks and I finished ‘Men of Honor’ and I called it a New Day.


Woke up feeling as if I could eat a horse!! Drattt!! I had also overslept, so Church was out of the question.

Breakfast was served, but I couldn’t eat very much, so slumped back into bed.

Then had a very beautiful One-on-one morning with the King of Kings. *gigantic smile*

Brunch at the Southern Sun shortly after. Seemed ALL of Lagos had gotten some sort of summons to be there also!!

Lagos: the City where we go straight to the Bubbly right after Church or even before 12noon!! I love my Lagos.

Had a fabulous time at a lil fashion event at Bishop’s Cottage in the evening.

Ethelle was one of the Stunning Models there..

So, there you have Weekend in a mouthful!! I give frequent updates on Twitter about what I'm up to, so you can follow 'TariEkiyor' if you are interested!

Please put me to shame about how boring my weekend was by telling me about yours..

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