Monday, June 7, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures

My weekend began on Thursday with Yvonne being a retard..

Just in case you're wondering, you do know Thursday is the new Friday in Lagos, right?!!

Friday evening, hung out with my sister at a small party in Lekki..

My sister Tonbofa Ashimi & Funke Kuti

Later came back home to my lover..

Me n Mr Timbuktu

Mr Timbuktu is sooo cool and trendy!! Check out his complete outfit..

May I state right now that it was my niece, Lande, who dressed him!! He was hers until she gave him to me. So I renamed him and he's been such a delight since!!

Saturday began with an early Breakfast fellowship, which Toni Tones came with me for at Victoria Garden City (VGC)..

Me & Toni

The Breakfast was superb..and we learned a new concept which we haven't been able to stop saying 'Mastered Inactivity'!!

And then Toni decides she MUST have Super-Yogo by ALL means!! Unfortunately, none of the street hawkers had for sale, so we went to check the Mall and ended up window-shopping for the next 2 hours!!

Then we went to hang out with some crazy people like this...

Toni, Me, Yvonne & the person whose eyes you can only see is Juwon Ogundipe

It got more interesting soon after, as others came to join...

Toni, Jecinta, Juwon, Toke Makinwa & Yvonne

After a few hours of non-stop laughing as we were being instructed on how to shake our booties without moving the rest of our bodies, we decided we needed some REHAB!!

The Wicked Witches of Rehab: Jecinta, Yvonne, Juwon & Toni

You probably think this is a Cosmopolitan, but things ain't always what they seem...hehehe

Jecinta Powell

Yvonne Nwosu

After church on Sunday (YES..I made it!!!), I had a fabulous and gruelling photo-shoot with Toni Tones!!

We sooo had to treat ourselves afterward..

Was a great weekend all in all!! Glad I finally had a good night's sleep on Sunday night!!!

By the way, I now live my entire life on if you want a front-row seat to my sometimes haphazard existence, follow Tari Ekiyor on Twitter.

Have a great week!!

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