Monday, May 24, 2010

Can A Nigerian Woman Have It ALL??

Please listen in on this Conversation.

The Venue is my office, which has a breathtaking view of the Ikoyi Lagoon and Banana Island. The time is Sunset:

This conversation is mostly in Pidgin English. Get an Interpreter if you don’t understand!! Lol

Girlfriend: (looking out at the beautiful view in awe) Kai!! Make God quick give me my rich husband wey go put me inside one of these houses ooo!!

Tari: (irritated) Why?! Because you don’t think you can put yourself in one?

Girlfriend: (facing me) No not that! But Tari, so if you get money now now now, you go go buy house for Banana?!

Tari: Sharply mehn! Waterfront!! I go even move into the uncompleted land, go dey live there like that!!

Girlfriend: (spreading hands open) Then you no wan marry be dat now! You think say man go see say you get house for Banana and go wan marry you?!

Tari: (confused) As in..I don’t get! What does that have to do with anything?

Girlfriend: Tari wake up abeg…you tink say you be oyinbo?! No Nigerian man is going to want to marry you as you de like this, come get house for Banana.

Tari: (speechless)

Please I bring this matter to you. Is this true??

Does the young Nigerian woman who appears relatively comfortable, drive away the prospect of her ever getting married to a Good Nigerian Man?!

Can a Nigerian woman have it ALL?!


  1. that was before .... now you'll only get either a gold digging man or an extremely rich man who can surpass your financial strength and most likely it'll be a divorcee or a much older guy.

    most men like to have their feel of self worth in tact ..At that level u wont 'NEED' his contribution for the upkeep of the home but will 'WANT' it to save his ego. so a lady of 27 cannot have a home in banana island and date an ok guy n have his self worth in a healthy state. if u guys get married he mostlikely be shgin d house help who wit a dash of 5 k/ 10k will rejoice wit a song &dance plus some extra nookie ... C'est la vie...

  2. Most guys are wired by upbringing to be providers. Many struggle to achieve a certain ability to provide and do take some time to get there. Given the 'effort and time' to become providers, it is a bit tough to handle a woman who already 'has'... Traditional roles have NOT gone anywhere and many women have sadly shown a lack of ability to be humble when they are the financially stronger. This makes guys wary of taking on such women. I know of a case where the single-never-married-getting-older-lady told the interested guy that they were not in the same 'class'. Now imagine if they got married and yawa gassed... These are stories that many men can tell and many a babe with means has played humble and successfully settled down in the process of not showing of conspicuous wealth. Modern single babes might say NAY, but married babes with means will say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. To each her own...

  3. I wouldn't want to be with a guy that thinks to be the MAN he has to make more money than I do.

    Being a man has nothing to do with what your account balance is, but WHO you are! the same way being a good woman has nothing to do with how poor you are, or how well you can rely on a man.

    That being said, these days most of my guy friends have said they would never marry a woman who makes more than they do,but will also never marry a girl that doesn't have her sh*t together and "independent" to an extent.

    But I say if you can afford to buy a house there please do.If a man likes you but wont ask you to marry him cause you have a nicer house than him. Boo to him!

    But this is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs :)

    P.S just found your blog, this is the first post i'm reading , and i like it!

  4. Toun Tosin-OluwoleMay 25, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    lol! that used to be in the past plz,now nigerian men will infact run after u seeing all that,no man wants a far u got it with your hard earned money,he will also join u to make more money and buy the whole of banana island.

  5. LMAO!! Guys do not make it easy at all o! with their damn insecurities, useless egos, walking around their feelings! Might as well get a puppy and move into your Banana apartment with it o!