Thursday, May 6, 2010

..And Man made God in his own image

I recently remembered the period of my life when I decided I was going to become a Supermodel!!

It was during one of those tormentingly loooonngg strikes or holidays (don’t remember which one it was) while I was in Unilag, and I got very bored and restless. So I got myself into all sorts of stupid and awkward situations, and soon got bored with those also.

Suddenly, I heard a commercial announcing one Silverbird Model Contest (turned out to be a one hit wonder) and my interest was immediately aroused. I made some more enquiries and then decided that I, Tariere Ekiyor, was going to be the next greatest Supermodel.

Janice Dickinson - claims to be World's 1st Supermodel

I didn’t care for one second about the fact that I had no experience in Modelling and was probably not even tall or skinny enough; I just believed it and enforced my unrelentingly stubborn will to making sure it happened.

So I began working out like a deluded monster, cut down on my food and alcohol, and then went deeper, by making a pact with God that I’d be good from then on and stop smoking and doing err...some other things, if only He gave me what I wanted – to win the Contest.

So for the next 2 weeks up until the Audition/Selection Process (not sure what it’s called), Mother Theresa had nothing on me mehhnn!! I was the embodiment of all things Saintly. I even got a few weird and questioning stares from members of my family, but I kept my secret to myself.

Then the D-day came. My lack of experience in the cut-throat world of Fashion, led me to wear a short white dress for the Auditions. I remember staring at all the tall, super-skinny models in black and swallowing once or twice, but I maintained my stance after all, had they made the same Divine Deal or sacrificed to the levels I had?

Kate Moss

My turn came to walk the room before the judges who were to select the girls who would eventually compete. As I strutted before them in all my saintly glory, I’m sure all it took was probably the jig of my traitorous ass (which my friend, Yvonne, has aptly named the ‘Yansh of Shame’) for them to say “NEXT”!!

So I stalked out of there, hailed a taxi, made a quick stop at the first roadside shop I saw and was soon relaxing into the back seat of the cab with a cigarette nicely fired up!!

I remembered this incident after a conversation I was having with a friend yesterday, about how everyone tries to use God to get what they want. For me at the time, I didn’t give a flying ram’s ass what God wanted for me; all I could think about was ‘Supermodel’, ‘Me’.

At various points in my thinking, I’ve had to remind myself a lot, that I exist to fit into God’s plans and not Him into mine. I do wonder what He thinks in situations like my experience where people come to Him and try to manipulate Him to do what they want, even though it goes against the plans He has for them or all that He stands for.

I almost had a heart attack recently when a friend revealed to me that for almost an entire year, she was crying to God every night to ‘Bless’ her with a married man that will come and change her life financially!!

..And Man made God in his own Image...


  1. Lol at ur girlfriends prayer. She is so silly

  2. @T.Peters: The prayer was answered...just not sure by whom!! Lool

  3. lol...but really true...sometimes...we wanna just fit God into our plans, instead of fitting ours into His....nice Tari!!!

  4. oh so you still smoke eh? Thot U quit?