Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Saturday Night Adventure

So there I was early this Saturday evening, with a brand new haircut, freshly shaved legs, a semi-new wardrobe and absolutely nowhere to go!!

One hour and a phone call and a half later, I was on my way to Rehab for an emergency gossip and drinks session with my friend, Yvonne. Didn’t happen though, as I was ditched by her for a guy!! (Payback is gonna be a B***h!!)

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Yvonne Nwosu

That left me all dressed up and now really with nowhere to go! I decided to drive around a bit, and before long, noticed a restaurant filled with cars….so I did the most natural thing that came to me…I crashed the party!!

It was a blast!! P-Square was performing there and the Champagne was there to welcome me at the door!! As I walked in, I was actually glad Yvonne had ditched me!!

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After about an hour, the party began to thin out so I started rounding up my conversation with a guy I met there, who had kept me company the entire time. Please don’t ask me what I told him when he asked me how I knew the Celebrant!!

Leaving there firmly clutching unto the souvenir bag I’d been given, I decided to go to Get for another drink. Get was empty except for a couple that looked like they hated the sight of each other, a congregation of idle waiters and a group of four guys who looked like it was a Boys’ Night Out for them.

Just as I was walking out, a crazy thought popped into my head. I discarded it as a bad idea at first, but decided ‘What the heck’, I might as well. What’s the worst that could happen?

So I walked back in and straight to the Boys’ table. “Hello, is it alright if I hang out with you guys?” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth!! They looked at me weirdly but made space for me…..and I sat with them.

As I took my seat, one of them warned me that they joke a lot, so I should not be offended. I told them to carry on and forget I was even there!!
It turned out to be one of the most fun evenings I’ve ever had!! Totally spontaneous and natural, I laughed so hard and gisted with those guys like I’d known them all my life. It really is true what they say about Boys and their Toys!! I had to listen to them talk almost all the time about their Toys (boats, cars and bikes), but it was interesting! It was a great evening!!

About an hour later, we all walked to our cars and said our good-byes. No-one trying to collect numbers or be suggestive in any way!! It was a fun, fun, fun night, the best I’ve had in a looooong time.


  1. of cos it was fun....o gosh i wish that was me...i totally like hanging out with guys as in it just funny i know but mehn guys jist is always fun....but i had to stop doing it cos my sister just used to think i was promiscious or somtin i mean how do u explain my BBF is a guy the next closest three r guys
    u go gurl!
    hows work?

  2. Work is fine...Thanks!!

    It has nothing to do with promiscuity, so I don't think you should ever feel weird about wanting to hang with guys!!

  3. But be careful though...cos it's not all guys who have an open mind to just accept that a girl wants nothing from them but fun, no-strings-attached company!!

    There's nothing worse than having someone misinterpret your intentions!!