Friday, April 9, 2010

TARIERE Member of the Week: Wana Udobang

Unwana Abasi Udobang is a mouthful of a name….so I’ll just spare you the tongue twisting and introduce her as Wana.

She is a radio on-air Personality on Inspiration fm, 92.3. Her on-air personality is ‘Wana-Wana’ who hosts the Breakfast show with Dan Foster every weekday morning, as well as the ‘Sunday Brunch’ and ‘Beyond the Music’.

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Her alter-ego, acid-tongued and in-your-face, Mizz Info dishes out Entertainment gossip in such a way that leaves our collective Celebrity scandal taste buds drooling for more.

Wana is also a freelance writer for 234Next, Bella Naija, Naija Times, FAB magazine and runs her own blog called Guerilla Basement.

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It’s interesting to note that though a writer, she is also dyslexic. I see she and Tom Cruise have got that in common...the dyslexic part I mean!!

Wana’s self-diagnosed obsessive personality causes her to say the same things over and over again. Like the day she was interviewing rapper, Teeto, on the radio, and kept going on and on about his 6-pack until his sister had to call the station and ask her to stop. But I say, what better way to make use of an hour long interview than to talk about a man’s 6-pack!! So go girl!!!

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Teeto & Wana (he don't look too mad to me!!)

One of Wana’s claims to fame is an ‘almost’ getting on the exclusive list of Celebrities with Sex Videos (or something close). By a very close shave, her name could have been right up there with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

While still in University and in need of extra cash, she answered an advert on a website seeking face models for a coffee table book. After sending her headshots via e-mail, the photographer explained to her that the shot would have to be one of her having an orgasm!!

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Not a fake one, but a real live one!! He went on to ask her to bring someone who’ll do the heavy duty work required to bring in the goods (??!!) or come prepared to do the ‘handwork’ herself. The photog would have been present at the Moment of Reckoning to capture Wana in all her orgasmic glory!!

True story guys!! LOL

Wana declined the offer and lovingly embraced Supermarket Overtime.

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Even though she has MAJOR plans to take over the world via her writing and Media Content produced by her company, Guerilla Basement, Wana has decided to take it slow for now and just keep enjoying the ride as she discovers more of her unlimited capabilities and keep being educated by the world around her.


  1. Wana should have tried the gig that required her orgasm. you kno ;-) would be fun to see but then wud we even see it. WIll agree with you that Wana's a great writer with a great voice.

  2. Lol...I assure you we'd have seen it!! The ghosts of Xmas past always find their way out once there's something at stake.

    She definitely is great!!