Friday, April 23, 2010

Love vs The Paycheck

Thanks to Africa Magic Yoruba, I have become a veteran Yoruba movie watcher!!

Please bear in mind the fact that I have no clue what they are saying and have to rely on the often retarded sub-titles to understand what’s going on.

Today I caught the first half of a particular one titled ‘Ejo nbe Lorun’ before I had to dash out for a meeting. The situation of the couple in the movie, played by Kunle Afolayan and Lola Alao, caught my attention.

Lola Alao

Both of them worked in the same company, the husband a new employee on the mandatory probation period, the wife a long-standing employee who was a topshot in the company.

A new policy arose in the company, stating that couples could no longer work in the organization; so one of the two have to resign.

The amazing thing about this couple was their individual willingness to step down for the other. As you can imagine, outside influences unleashed their views and pessimism on each of them, letting them know the disastrous outcomes that would be the result if either the husband or the wife, gave up his/her job for the other.

Kunle Afolayan

That was where the wahala began...

In order not to spoil the story for you, I’ll leave it there. However, I’m curious: what would you do if you were in any of their shoes??


  1. If i were the guy, i would step down as I'm still on probation!

  2. Hmmm...this would really be HARD!! for alot of i'm not sure what i would do...having worked there for long, but if i am married to a really understanding and mature man,we should be able to come to a 'neat'

  3. This will indeed be difficult for a lot of couples. But I think I'll honestly resign so my husband can keep working. If the woman has worked for a while,her experience should give her an opportunity to easily get another job. Besides, jobless men are more psychologically affected than jobless women. I definately wont be excited going off to work while my husband is carrying his CV about because of my decision. I sorta think every woman will have some sorta peace if she steps down in this scenario. Its all about understanding and communication! in it!