Friday, April 23, 2010

Da Grin...still talking to me!!

There’s been heaviness in my heart from the moment I heard about Da Grin’s death; it’s still there even as I write this.

I didn’t know him personally; I’m just another random lover of his music. I prayed for him when I heard about the accident and even watched a TV recording of him performing at the recent Kennis Music Easter thing, earlier this week. I remember laughing hysterically at his screaming/laughter(not sure which it is) during his performance.

I guess the major reason I feel so sad is because I feel as though it could’ve been anyone in the accident that led to his death. I have been in car crashes before, nothing fatal, but life threatening all the same.

It is unfortunate that in this country of ours, it is a nightmare to be left in the hands of our Emergency Services, as they might as well just be called waiting hearses. I don’t even want to depress myself more by thinking that it’s very possible his life could’ve easily been saved.

Da Grin

I know in our collective loss, we all want to hold someone..anyone responsible for his untimely death; our security operatives, Road Safety, LUTH, or even Da Grin himself for not being more responsible.

But at the end of the day, none of that is going to bring him back. None of that is going to change the fact that the extremely talented rapper who was undoubtedly set to be Nigeria’s next greatest export, has been cut off right at the onset to his prime.

Finally I can’t help but be grateful to God for my life. I don’t know for a fact if Da Grin was intoxicated in any way, but I do know how many times I and people close to me have been in the same situation that led to his accident and eventual death, and by nothing else but God’s grace, we are still here.

His death has also opened my eyes to appreciate the things that are truly important in life here on earth. I know for a fact that those things that take priority in my life that give no benefit to any other thing but my own ego and sense of accomplishment are nothing but a waste of time.

Da Grin’s voice has not left my head since last night. I don’t understand Yoruba, yet I connect with him. I’m bonded with him forever. His story is carved in my heart and has a place in my consciousness whether I like it or not.

When a life is lived beyond oneself, Death has lost its sting. Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun aka Da Grin, keep talking...I hear you.


  1. It's so awful to see him to be gone so soon, but who are we to question God for that....God created each and everyone of us for a purpose or more to be fulfilled on earth and when we are done, he take's us back home. Being alive today is NEVER by our power or a sure thing for us, but we still have more purpose to be fulfilled. Da'grin, your purpose has been fulfilled. May your soul ~Rest In Peace~

  2. We will miss Him

  3. I honestly dnt know him, ive heard his song pom pom pom many times but never knew who sang it till wen he had the accident...God knows why this happened. My only prayer is that God consoles the heart of the family he left behind...RIP Dapo