Thursday, April 15, 2010

"O I miss you!!"

Last night, I was re-united with an old love: WRESTLEMANIA!!!

Gosh I was such a fan!! I have vivid memories of all the kids in my house placing bets on who’d win the Royal Rumble, loud arguments about who the greatest wrestler was- Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior, and then finally everyone gathering in front of the TV to watch the wrestling bouts.

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As a child I used to be in such awe of the entire spectacle that came with Wrestlemania. I would laugh and celebrate when my Champions won; cry and sulk when the ‘Bad Guy’ won. I would be vexed when an opponent came and challenged my Champion to a match, and scream insults at the Opponent through my TV.

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Shawn 'Pretty Boy' Michaels

In my mind, the world couldn’t have been more real than Wrestlemania. It was the most entertaining, and at that time, the closest thing to reality TV we had. I would fantasize for hours about being the ‘Elizabeth’ (you have to be as screwed up as I was if you can remember her) that a Wrestler would bring gloriously to stand by him as he battled for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Crap!! I can’t remember the name of the ‘Bad Chic’ (I think maybe Sherry or something), who was like the villain chic where Elizabeth was the Good Princess-like Lady. If I remember correctly, Elizabeth was Hulk-Hogan’s Lady, and then there was one instance in which he and Ultimate Warrior had to fight for her. My heart almost broke cos I had no clue who to support!!

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The Hulk & Ultimate Warrior battling it out..

My goodness!! To think that I believed every single bit of Wrestlemania was REALLL!! What other load of crap do I believe so passionately right now, I wonder?! Kai!! I would do almost anything right now, for a DVD box of old Wrestlemania re-runs!!

Who remembers all the moves?? The one I can never forget is the ‘Closeline'... probably because of all the random, just-for-the-heck-of-it ‘Closelines’ I chopped from my male cousins!! So we’d have to go around the house like it was World War 2 cos you had no idea where the next ‘Closeline’ would come from.

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The 'Closeline' in action

I have compiled my Wrestlemania Superstar run-down (and please don’t hesitate to add anyone I may have left out):

Hulk Hogan

The Ultimate Warrior

The Undertaker (he’s still in the new ones, but it’s a fake Undertaker. Remember the lights going off, the bell and the casket??!)

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The Real Undertaker making his grand entrance...

Shawn Michaels (The Pretty-boy; he’s still in Wrestlemania)

Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart (I could die for him then...with his pink suspenders..LMAO!!)


...alright I’m not gonna allow myself be the only nut-case here!! Please finish up the list...


  1. Jake" the Snake" Roberts.

    Junkyard Dog


    Andre The Giant

    British Bulldog


  2. Ha Ha....OMG!! I actually forgot about Jake the Snake!!

  3. Owen Hart
    123 Kid
    Macho Man - Randy Savage
    Ahmed Johnson
    The Rock (Do u smelllllll what the rock is cooking)
    Tripple H
    Stone Cold Steve Austin

  4. Correct!! Elizabeth was Randy Savage's chic!! A little birdie just whispered that to

    The 123 Kid!! Yokozuna!!! Seriously I need those DVD's I'd officially not go anywhere for an entire weekend!!

  5. Just so U know....It's not all fake. The arguments might be acted but the BEATING is for shizzle!. If U don't believe me, ask anyone to wipe U with a Pillow!.

    Another thing, Undertaker is still the same guy.....don't U dare call him a FAKE!

    Just to add to the list!
    (Old Generation)
    Cowboy Bob Orton
    Dusty Rhodes......Eventaully became Gold Dust
    Mankind (God knows how many identities he has taken)
    Giant Gonzales
    Razor Ramon
    Doink the Clown
    Lex Luger
    King-kong Bundy
    Sergeant Slaughter
    Superfly Jimmy Snooker
    Legion of Doom (Hulk and Animal)
    Tito Santana
    Rick Flare (Although Recently Retired).....and the list continues

    (New Generation)
    Do U really want me to start?

  6. I seriously doubt the beating being real...I watched the recent ones and even outside the ring..everywhere is padded!!

    Lai-lai Undertaker is not the same guy!! As in I'm ready to drop cash on can we find out!!

  7. The British Bulldogs - Baby Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid.
    The Rockers - Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels
    Macho Man Randy Savage
    Ricky the Dragon Steamboat
    The Natural Disasters - Earthquake and Typhoon
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    Legion of Doom -Hawk and Eagle
    Demolition - Axe, Smash and Crush...