Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TARIERE Member of the Week: Debola Osipitan

Debola Osipitan is a young, innovative Software & Web Developer, who has carved a niche for himself within the Nigerian IT industry as a result of his commitment to Professionalism and Excellence.

His company, Syden Interactive, is renowned for their Exceptional quality in designs and Efficiency in project execution.

Debola...with 2 fingers in the air

He is also a self acclaimed ‘Baaaddd Guy’ who takes almost all his dates to Jevnik, a restaurant in Lagos that serves pounded yam and other Nigerian delicacies.

So girls, if you’re looking to put on some Date Weight, Debola is your Man!!

Debola and I used to have the same laptop, but his was a newer model than mine. When trying to compare the difference between our laptops, he said to me “Mine is a private jet, yours is night bus!!”

I still hate him for that.

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