Monday, March 1, 2010

Job Vacancy!! Qualification: Must be able to deliver Luxury Screw!!

Hello, hello, helloooooo!!

Yet another week and the hustle is on again. Everyone is on the grind these days; young, old, rich, just getting by, the Rat race is on and there is no mercy for casual bystanders!!

Speaking of the Hustle, I want to share the challenge of a young girl that came to my attention.

An acquaintance of mine who has been unemployed for a while finally gets a job offer. Great pay in an area she is skilled in; Sales to be precise. However, the fancy package came with a price tag.

The commodity she will be selling is a luxury item. The cost of each ranges from N5m ($30, 000) and above. There is an exclusive market here in Nigeria for the commodity. The problem is that the market consists mostly of randy men who believe that in purchasing the commodity, the package also includes sampling the Sales Rep.

She knows within her that if she goes to make a sale and refuses a sexual proposition by a prospective buyer, and then goes back to the office saying she just lost them N10m because she wouldn’t play ball, it wouldn’t be a congratulatory welcome she will be receiving.

It is kind of an Unwritten Rule within the organization that the possibility of a Luxury Screw for the Client may arise in the process of selling the goods, and employees are expected to know the score.

Even though it is all clear before her eyes what prospects this job may hold for her, my Acquaintance needs the job very badly. She is aware of the fact that right now, employment opportunities are very few and far between even for the highly qualified; companies are either downsizing or giving brutal pay-cuts.

My acquaintance has a real dilemma in her hands; what would you do if you were in her shoes?

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  2. This is rather amusing and quite sad. This sounds more like signing up for prison duty rather than a job, especially if your friend is willing to cede her will and morality.

    Luxury screws of this type tend to produce "luxury problems" such as STDs, which many in her target market could easily have but spend money to suppress and to even talk about condoms is to be trite and miss the point. She on the other hand does not! Other problems will include the sheer self loathing she might develop as she would now be a prostitute pimped to sell mattresses!! I imagine she would not want to end up as a married woman as the information of what she would become and do for money will get around so fast, she would not believe it, especially these days when eligible men have too much choice.

    This is a loss only scenario as she will be unlikely to recover from the effects of both the experience, her feelings towards men and the destroyed reputation for life as people NEVER forget these sort of things once they come out.

    If she has any skills or talents at all, let her create employment for herself!!!

    Nuff said.