Monday, February 22, 2010

Life's Tax Collectors'

One of my most favorite things to do these days is to take a drive out at night when there are few cars on the roads and all the streets are beautifully lit!! Throw in some nice, soft music, and I’m having the time of my life!!!

The only snag to that are all the Police Check points I have to go through. I’m not exaggerating; there are about 5 check points between Ikoyi and Victoria Island late at night!! Well I guess my drive wouldn’t be as safe if they were not there, so I can’t exactly complain.

Lagos is indeed a beautiful city and I looooovveee it!! We all celebrate the efforts of our dear Governor Fashola and only hope that he is allowed to continue his effective leadership in PEACE!!

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Babatunde Fashola - Governor of Lagos State

As much as everyone is celebrating the new Lagos, a lot of people are also complaining about the heavy Taxation going on. Recently, someone was telling me that to place your company name on your car even as a small start-up business, you’d have to pay the Government the same levy paid by bigger Corporations. This of course, automatically rules out any chance you may ever have of competing.

I guess the people have to pay out of their asses to enjoy the comforts of life in a Mega-City. So the Tax Collector has to be embraced as a necessary evil. Whether or not you have anything left to give, you can be sure that the Collector is soon going to be knocking at your door with a dreaded slip to take even the very last you have.

Sort of like Life you know!! We can be certain that in this week there will be situations that will come up to take, take, take and take from you. Whether it is your peace, your laughter, your money, your expectations, or whatever it is, the world always has a way of taking something from us!!

Draining relationships, jobs, experiences, the systems of this world are designed to suck you down to your very core, driving even the most successful people to take their own lives, out of the feeling of Nothingness, which is the only thing the world generously leaves us with.

Is anybody feeling me on this??!! We can be certain that Life’s Tax Collectors’ will come; what can we do to ensure that they don’t leave us emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually Bankrupt??


  1. babe what were u doing up at 2am?
    nice post.
    seems the way to stay afloat in this world of ours is to make sure ur very liquid(like the banks are trying to do now),... the tax collector of life doesnt care whether or not your young or old(SME or multinational). he just wants to take more

  2. Tariere men i de feel you on this one. In fact right now, its as if i dont have anytin to give again but still more and more demands from friends, family and work are still coming.
    I dont understand wot Bebe means by being 'liquid' but pls I want to know. I no wan kill myself ooooooo!!

  3. hmmmmmmm....Life's tax collector.... nice piece Tari

  4. Sweerhart... Some taxes you just gotta pay...

  5. Tari u scam me oh...I came here on your promise that there'd be a solution to the tax collectors at the gate of my street...on my phone...BBM...emaill...village...arrggghhh...I'm set to scream right about now...

    *still waiting for the tax holiday promised oh*