Thursday, January 14, 2010

Should Celebrities really get Preferential Treatment in Public Places?!

Hey people, I hope you’re having a fabulous week!!

So yesterday (ever wonder why Americans begin every sentence with SO?!), I decided to emerge from my self-imposed shell and go see a movie. Even though Sherlock Holmes was a good watch, it was the drama outside the theater that aroused my interest more.

The first was at the ticket counter when one of my friends who claims to be 24, (though we all suspect her to be in her late 30’s) produced an ancient Student ID card so she could get the ticket at half-price.

I was very curious about this, as I was sure the Attendant would log on to her scam right away. But to my utmost amazement, the guy took the old and very worn card, looked at the picture in it, looked up at my friend, scrutinized the picture once again, and then handed her a ticket.

WHAT THE HECK??!! Couldn’t he clearly see the Date of Issue and the Date of Expiry that are etched on the ID Card?! Or her face that looked nothing like a naïve University student’s?!

I was so mad at the fact that I was going to be paying the full price when these people clearly didn’t know what they are supposed to be doing!! Anyway, she, in all her thirty-somethingness got to watch the movie for a stipend…no wonder she wanted to leave in the middle of the movie (hiss- Naija Style).

The 2nd drama was at the Concession stand. There are two of them that serve all popcorn, scanty Shawarma, and pancake lovers, but one claimed to be close, leaving everyone to queue at the other. We were late for our movie but didn’t have a choice but to join the long line. In my opinion, it’s TONS of munchies that make a great movie!!

Anyway, so there we were counting the bodies till our turn, when none other than the Bad Boy of Nollywood himself, JIM IYKE, came walking into the Concession Stand section with, I must admit, a very HOOOOOOOOTTTTTT female on his arm.

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Jim Iyke

Before anyone could say ‘To God be the Glory’, the apparently ‘closed’ Concession stand Attendants were grinning from ear to ear, unashamedly star-struck, and all of a sudden, the stand wasn’t closed anymore.

They attended to him like it was 8am and they had all day!! I’m sure if Jim Iyke had asked them for pounded yam, or even some caviar, they’d have produced it on the spot!!

My gangster friends immediately sprang to attention at the a-little-too-obvious discrimination, and proceeded to go and challenge the Attendants. But somewhere on the way there, I suppose they also got star-struck because within seconds they rejoined our queue like humble mice.


Because at the end of the day, he wasn’t going to be paying any more money than we were for the same service!!


  1. You are on your way up, when you get there lets see if you will complain when people start spoting you in public

  2. Hmmnmnn....great point as always Dipo!!