Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti, Jos......and Karaoke!!

Hey guys, how are you doing?! I haven’t been here since like 1840….been so occupied with….can’t really remember what exactly now, but I’m sure you understand. So much has happened since our last conversation (even though it was one-sided), but I’m alive and well as I’m sure you are too….well you’d have to be to be reading this!!

Here’s a rundown of some events and major occurrences that were remarkable to me in the past week:

• On Sunday, I committed first degree murder!! Completely ambushed, bruised, stabbed, buried, and then dug out and cremated Alicia Key’s ‘If I ain’t got you’, in front of a crowd of witnesses at Karaoke!! Singing my kind of bad should be outlawed!! It was horrendous, absolutely life-threatening….Simon Cowell would have called Security on me and immediately resigned from American Idol if I had done that performance in front of him!! It was that bad!! But I had great fun doing it…and that’s what matters!! (next time I’ll even record it for you!)

• I love Larry King!! I would still watch Larry King even if he decides on one of his shows to perform TuFace’s ‘African Queen’ in nothing but his suspenders, glasses and clutching his prop microphone with those hideous lights on his set flashing in the background!!

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Larry King

(Okay I might have to reconsider that!!). But seriously, I love Larry King!! I was really depressed by a segment of his show sometime this week, in which CNN’s Anderson Cooper was reporting live from Haiti and a little boy who had been injured by all the violence came into the camera shot. He was bleeding soooooo bad from his head, that he was wiping his face as though a bowl of water was being poured over his head. It was crazy because he still had to keep running to find a safe place, even though he was that badly hurt.

• The city of Jos in Nigeria, was once treasured as a peaceful tourist destination right in the center of Nigeria. Today, it’s literally hell on earth for the people who live there as the violent clashes (which they say is religious, but I seriously question) is claiming more and more lives by the day. I was so sad to hear about how really old people had to hide in holes just so they won’t be butchered.

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Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

As I’m sure you are already aware, terrible things are happening in this world of ours. However, in all that, one thing that’s really encouraging is how the good in most people is awakened when confronted with the suffering of others. Classic example is Haiti where thousands of volunteers have dedicated themselves to helping the victims of the disaster.

I know there are a lot depressing things all around us, but take a cue from me and just keep singing!! It doesn’t matter if you sound like a nightmare…at least it will make you laugh…even if at yourself!!

Or better still, help someone around you who is in need!!

Any other ideas on keeping sane in an insane world??!

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