Friday, November 13, 2009

Emmanuel - God with Us

He monitors His servant -the Sun, to ensure that it gives light to ALL mankind

He directs the mighty winds and commands it to soften into a gentle breeze that caresses the cheek of a desert child, bringing a beautiful smile to a tear-streaked face

He pulls the dormant chords of peace in the hearts of the men who embrace violence on the streets of Frustration

He thwarts the plan of the hungry shark in its silent attack, as it sets its sights on the oblivious swimmer who inadvertently trespasses its domain

He watches the overfilled mosquito as it lies comatose after greedily sucking on the blood of an innocent child; he keeps the child safe from the mosquito’s poison

He answers the cry of the little bird whose broken wing keeps it from exploring the skies it finds fulfillment in

He causes the red light to last four seconds longer to protect the impatient commuter who is screaming expletives at it, from being crushed by an oncoming truck with failed brakes

He embraces a woman in labor who is screaming insults at the medical team battling to save her life and cursing her husband for releasing his sperm in her

He gives strength and comfort to the husband who has just buried his wife of 20years and is now standing by her graveside afraid that there is no life for him without her

He referees the herd of deer as they embark on their timeless race with the wind

He takes a delinquent 14year old under his wing and becomes to him the father he’s never known

He holds the hands of a scared young woman as she waits in the hospital’s Waiting Room for the Nurse to announce that they are ready to undergo her D&C; He answers her silent prayer for forgiveness as she finally rises and walks into the operating room

He abides in the corner of the playground with the awkward looking child no one would play with, telling her how beautiful and special she is

He gathers the tears of an unloved wife in the palm of His hands as she watches her husband prepare to go into the arms of his Mistress

He gives hope for change to the weary leader of an insubordinate nation as he prays in his bed chambers for the peace he believes only death can bring him

He gives a family to the Superstar whose loneliness has driven him to the brink of suicide

He rises up in defense of the helpless man who is about to be condemned for a crime he didn’t commit

He provides food and water for the hungry writer of this note.

You are the ever-present help in need. Thousands of human languages do not provide enough words with which to give you thanks.


  1. Love your blog and your take on issues here, many times we interprete God's thoughts when we have no idea what they are but this is a lovely interpretation!