Friday, October 30, 2009

Operation Sweep

This morning I watched in amusement as my 7 year old nephew and his 5 year old sister engaged their early morning chores with a seriousness and excitement that was fascinating.

His chore is to sweep the living room; hers is to clean the glass surfaces. So there they were, one holding a broom that was almost his height, the other with a bottle of glass cleaner in one hand and a wiping cloth in the other, attacking the glass table with the ferocity of a trained housewife while at the same time obviously enjoying spraying the glass cleaner like it was a water gun.

They were so into their chores that even when I tried to speak with them, they ignored me like “can’t she see we’re busy?”

I soon got the message and just stood by the door watching them. I was awestruck by the commitment they had to doing these duties that we actually have people employed to do, but have engaged the kids instead, to enable them develop a sense of responsibility.

Sure enough, as soon as the kids are through with the tasks, the house helps would come and re-do the cleaning, but they were at it like they felt honored to be doing it all and were trying hard to get it right.

It suddenly struck me that this is probably what it is like for God, when He watches our attempts to face life’s challenges on our own.

We probably do such a pathetic job of it in our own limited knowledge and ability, and He most times has to come in and take it out of our hands; if we ask that is.

Like my kids, we may think we are doing it excellently because we are pouring so much of ourselves into whatever it is we are trying to achieve, but in the eyes of a God from who’s perspective our lives are but a tiny speck, I’d imagine that it’s amusing to Him watching us when we think we are in control.

It is with an awakening jolt that I sometimes realize that there is absolutely nothing I can do apart from God. It is neither in my control to sleep and wake up nor to inhale and determine if there would even be any supply of air to fill my lungs.

How much more vulnerable am I in the battles (seen or unseen) that we have to engage in daily.

I believe God watches our efforts, commitment and sincerity. So even though in our ‘sweeping’ we may be leaving a trail of dirt behind us, He is faithful to strengthen us in our weakness as He has promised.

Our part is to just keep sweeping with a joyful heart and a willing hand; someone is waiting patiently to take over once our hand or heart begins to fail us.


  1. I was literally having the shittiest of shitty days, and you just made it all you and tiny two as much as all the cookies the cookie monster can eat!

  2. Glad we could be of help in eradicating ur Jozi Blues!!!