Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Ankara Gospel according to Cote Minou

Yeah, I'm still on my Ankara Rampage!! Found some truly incredible pieces I'm certain you'll absolutely adore...

This dress would make being twirled around on a spacious dance floor with your dress billowing in the rush of wind, revealing your underwear and bum crack, look heavenly.

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It has that ‘I’m a Princess that just wants to have fun' air all over it, and is a definite hit for a nice and casual weekend hang-out.

Subtlety is the sexiest thing since slitted skirts.

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The colors and cut of this dress give the wearer a sense of control that is a huge turn-on, because everyone else just won’t see her coming.

The red carpet or well, in this case, paneled floor has just had its heart melted by this dreamy piece...

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...the captivated stares of the onlookers can attest to that. I suspect that this dress was Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother’s first pick for the ball. She just loved it too much and decided to keep it for herself, giving Cinderella something else to wear. But someone obviously got to it…

This is my all time favorite. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it is so far the hottest Ankara design I’ve ever come across.

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It is too many things rolled into one. Confident, mysterious, futuristic, engaging, and super sexy!! I’m a lover.

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Classy is being sent off to get more class. This dress wouldn’t be complete without a glass of white wine gracing the hand of the wearer. I would have loved for the necklace to have been ditched though…

I’m the Supreme Ruler of a faraway Kingdom deep in East Africa, and I have come to purchase half of London City. Do you take cash or can I just sign with my signet ring?

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This dress spells ROYALTY!!

The incredible designs of Cote Minou give a modern twist to traditional African couture. The duo of Maryanne E. Mokoko and Stephanie T. Mouapi from Cameroon are the designers behind the brand.

You can check their site out on or on their blog


  1. WOW...So this is really nice. Thanks for the comments. We truly appfreciate..Working hard to make Africa proud!

  2. @ CM: Your stuff are truly amazing!! Definitely doing Africa proud!!

  3. wow your so talented love your work keep it up