Friday, August 15, 2008


The Nigerian Entertainment Industry has refused to ‘roast’ in this awards season. As Hollywood and the British Industry are marking the ‘BAFTA’S’, Grammy’s, Oscar’s, Golden Globes and all those other glamorous awards that we love to watch because we are so interested in the recognition of outstanding talent (yeah right!!), our beloved Naija is also unleashing our very own glamourfest. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

HipHop World Awards, Sound City Music Video Awards and for the egbons and aunties, the recently concluded ThisDay Awards, are just a few of the awards that entertainment enthusiasts like yours truly are eagerly awaiting. I can hardly wait to sit in front of my TV with popcorn/suya and a beer to watch our celebrities trot down the red (or green, or purple, or blue) carpet. Thoughts of when we’ll see the good, the bad and the ‘please let’s not even go there’ outfits that they will 'kak' to these events keep me excited on a day to day basis.
The truth is that as much as I love our Naija celebrities, it is unfortunate to note that it is only very few of them that understand the art of dressing for the red carpet. I’m not going to mention the names of those I think have got it now, maybe as time goes on I will fill you in on that secret. You may also have your opinions on those who really work the red carpet here in Gidis, but for now let’s keep a lid on it so they wouldn’t feel too complacent.
I have seen some outfits on Naija red carpets that made me want to have a heart-to-heart with the designers who made them so I can find out if they were carrying out a personal vendetta on the celebrity.
This is all coming to you for free, but as the very generous red-carpet specialist that I am (uh-huh!!), I’m going to share with you a few reasons why some celebrities get it all wrong on the red carpet.

Reason #1
The desire to look ‘African’: Brothers and sisters, you are African; black, beautiful and blessed. Your very biological structure is African, it is not the clothes you wear or the ornaments you accessorize yourself with that distinguishes you as African; the ‘Africanness’ is already in you. A lot of people don’t understand this, and think in order to set themselves apart as African, you must make a very strong effort on the red carpet to show the world where you’re from. Reality check- the world already knows. I have seen celebrities spoil a potentially great red carpet moment because they tried to hard to look 'African'. The way to go people is to look like ‘you’. Find out what works for you in terms of colours, designs, hair, make-up, accessories (be it ornaments or whose holding your arm) and work it to the max.

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Reason #2
“I made it myself”: Before you get to hear this excuse, you unfortunately have seen the disaster that this person made themselves. Now I’m not trying to be harsh, but that’s the way it is with the truth, e dey sour for mouth!! Let the designers do their jobs, abeg!! If you are an actor, we love your movies, we’ll watch. As a musician, if we didn’t love your music you wouldn’t be on that red carpet. A very select few do know how to produce fantastic designs, but others please let someone who is qualified make you something. It’s worth the money because believe it or not that red carpet moment would always remain in the media or worse still, in our memories.

Reason #3
Poor Planning: A lot of us think it’s cool when you are looking great and then to prove to others that you are absolutely fabulous, say, “Oh I just grabbed the first thing I could get from my wardrobe and threw it on”. Bulls**t! That’s exactly what that is especially on the red carpet. What is not cool is looking un-justifiably scruffy on the red carpet and then you’ll tell me it’s because you don’t care. If you truly don’t care you’d have stayed at home. It is cool to plan and prepare for that red carpet moment, because it is your moment.

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So there you have it; my 3 solid tips on shining like the star you are on the red carpet. As these awards fast approach, plan, be excited and most of all stay confident.

P.S.- Friendship looks even better on RED!!!

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