Monday, November 8, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


I love to share great things I discover with people who I know will truly appreciate them!!

So after Prof-Mummy, my dear friend, Michael was the next person I felt I was indebted to sharing the Special Catfish with!

Michael Tokunbo Akindele of the FUSION Animation Group

Wednesday was the D-day and as the evening settled in for the night, Michael, our friend Oladipo Oladapo and I were seated and ordering the Giwa Special Fish and cold, dark-brown bottles of ...

Oladipo Oladapo, Photographer tres excellent & Head of Production, GENEVIEVE Women's Lifestyle magazine

Needless to say, Michael loved the fish soooo much that between Wednesday and Sunday, he had gone there 4 times!!

Even went without me....Kai!! He just randomly called me and went "Tariiii...guess where I am...Giwa Special Catfish!!"

Tttcchheewwwwww....yeah that's a hiss!!

High on Fish and the euphoria of great friendship, we headed next to Bar Beach for a quick drink and Ocean Therapy, and then finally went to the one place we actually all really have fun...CALIENTE!!

Ruby and her husband were as usual right there to receive us with open arms!! Alright lemme tell you a little something about Ruby...

Hair Stylist, Sari & Ruby Dabbour

She's an EXCELLENT Hostess and in my humble opinion, runs alongside her husband, the HOTTEST club in Lagos!! Well, for now sha...

It was FUN, FUN as usual...

Nnnooo-neeee & I

Linda & Ruby

Our train soon moved...Dipo had to leave though...had an early morning Shoot *sad face*

This guy's name is INDOMIE!! Lol..


He's a Night Club Car Watchman. Basically just a bunch of young guys trying to make a buck...they stand outside Night clubs, to find you a parking space and make sure your car is safe while you are inside having a ball!!

Always great to tip them!! BUT NO GIVE THEM YOUR KEYS OOOOO!!! Lol *now pulling my ears Grand-mother style*

Noni (Nnnooo-neee) , Michael & Franchesca


Went to Surulere for a quick hair-fix and couldn't resist the lure of this...

Saw the movie 'Takers' with Tones and her Man.

Was suprisingly good despite the fact that T.I (whom I love by the way, so this is in no way beef)and Chris Brown were in it!!

It was a great story; very well knit together sub-stories for all the main Characters!! And it was also very well shot...the Director had some crazy amazing shots in there!!

Tones and I were like bank robbers un-packing the loot by the time we were off-loading all the contraband from inside Tones handbag and underneath my jacket!!

Hehehehe...I love breaking through Cinema Protocol!!


Was invited to try-out the brand-new Adrenaline Bar at the Four Points ...

I like the lamps that hang from the Bar...

The best thing about the Adrenaline, for me, is the DJ!! The music is very unpredictable but soooooo on point!!

Dapo, Bimbo Adigun & Afolabi

Bimbo & I


...was running around with Stylist day!! My TARIERE Photo Shoot was the next day, so we wanted to make sure every thing was in place!

My official Stylist for the Shoot, Joke Adepase, has completely earned my respect...and loyalty of course, by the commitment, skill and heart she poured into the Shoot.

Was bone-tired...but satisfied, by the end of the day. Only Micheal and Dipo could succeed in getting me off my couch where I had collapsed with the remote in hand!!

Went for a Giwa Special...

Fish Corpses..


Photo-Shoot Day!!

By morning, the core Team had gathered and we began all the step-by-step processes to ensure our Shoot was everything we intended...and more!!

By noon, it was off to Obalende for the 1st phase of the TARIERE 'Me & My City' Shoot...

7pm and we were finally done!! Time to relax...the general consensus by the entire Crew was in favor of this venue...

Make-up Artist for the Shoot, Wunmi Otutuloro may have just been declared 'WANTED' for assault on a dead fish by the Underwater Law Enforcement (ULE) agencies...

We discovered Chicken on the Giwa menu!!

**Fact: Chicken is the name used to refer to ALL cooked bird!! Therefore, a cooked pigeon is a .....

Trust Michael to always have such random facts in his possession!! *rolls eyes*

This Designer featured prominently in our Shoot...introducing MEENA...

Uju of MEENA

Uju is the ideal muse for her Brand!! On Sunday, after admiring her outfit for like minutes, I couldn't help blurting out to her, "I hate can you be so freaking STYLISH!!"

She laughed confidently...and she should!!

This group of people made the Shoot happen and I just want to say a very big THANK YOUUUUU to every one of them right here..

Oladipo Oladapo - Photographer
Joke Adepase - Stylist
Wunmi Otutuloro - Make-up Artist
Ebele Ugomma - Make-up
Designers- Sally Bawa, Bridget Awosika & Meena
Uzo Agu - official 'Behind the Scenes' Photographer was so funny 'cos I received Uzo's message asking if she could 'tag' along with us during Shoot to capture 'Behind the Scenes' pics!! even though I was half-asleep, I laughed hard, shouted "But of course!!"... and went right back to sleep, forgetting to reply her *hides face* but she still showed up!!

John Amos - my Assistant (who kept disappearing while we were in Obalende, to catch a Soccer game)
Lawani & Ibrahim - Shoot Drivers

I also want to thank the following people for their support...

Seun Opaleye, Toni Tones, Tonye Ekiyor, Saze Osayande, Prof-Mummy, Ajibola Alfred, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, Dada of REHAB Salon, Accessories to Die 4, and everyone else who contributed in one way or the other into making this a success. Including all those who sent me e-mails volunteering their services for the Shoot!!

Also all the good people of Obalende who cheered us on all through Shoot, as opposed to the hostility and violence we were told we would get from them.

Special shout-out to The Kingpin *high-five*


I actually bought this just so I could take a picture and send to Tones to piss her the heck off and make her jealous...Lol

This Wednesday, the MTN Industry Nite Special LAGOS will be holding at BAR 10, Saka-Tinubu Street, Victoria Island from 7pm.

It will feature as Guest Speaker, Olakunle Soriyan, a foremost Personal Effectiveness Coach and C.E.O. of STN Group. Special LIVE performances by DJ ZEEZ, WAJE and the super-sexy ELEKTRA!! Host - Olisa Adibua

P.S.- After this post, I am going on an indefinite blogging hiatus. There are a number of things I need to place into perspective, and right now I just feel the need to take time off blogging. Please bear with me and if there is anything I feel you should know during this period, I'll pass the message across somehow. Thanks for understanding and be good!!



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  9. All the best in your future endeavors, now I must find that giwa special while I'm there.

  10. I won't be selfish and demand for you to forget that rubbbish talk of "hiatus" and things but if you must, you must

    I am moving back to Nigeria solely for food, these pictures leave my mouth watering all the time, and you can actually feel the fun and love in the pics

    All the best Tari, are you cutting off twitter as well?

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