Monday, October 25, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures (and words)

Monday thru Thursday

Had an Interview with on the 'Working Radio' show with Toolz on the Beat 99.9fm!

Tari & Toolz Oniru

The show is produced by Jobberman...a Job Search and Recruitment Agency. We spoke about opportunities in the Creative Industry here in Nigeria, with special emphasis on my craft, Writing.

Simi & Lekan of Jobberman with Tari

Met the most delightful person EVER!! And she's a TARIERE reader toooooo!! *now feeling like someone who has cool people reading her blog*

Kemi Olu-okun, Beat FM Web Administrator & I

Inspired by a good friend of mine, I went in search of some quality Catfish in a certain Barracks here in Ikoyi!!

The place is nothing fancy; in fact I almost caused a scene as I demanded for the Waitress to clean the area where I was going to be seated, before I graced the chair with my bum-bum (Yes! The Diva was officially in the building!!)

But the Catfish is an expedition on it's own...

It was soooo good, my friend whom I went with kept acting like hewas drunk on fish the entire time!! I would never have forgiven myself if I didn't take some back home for Prof. Mummy who is a real Waterside woman that loves her fish!!

I was right...she loved it!! I love my Prof. Mummy!! *now dancing excitedly*

Wednesday: Went to the Spa has something to do with South America sha!! My darling Aisha came to show me moral support and from there we went to hang out with a friend of her's.

Aisha Ibrahim

At Aisha's friend's house, I proved once again why my name should probably be changed to Shakira or something...

As in seriously, how could I have drank this entire bottle of Rose all by myself?!

It's actually not my fault, it's LAGOS!! The Bestie, my sister and I actually had a conversation about the fact that practically everyone in Lagos is an Alchie!!

Like really, there's hardly anything to do in this town that doesn't involve booze!! God help us all...say AMEN!!

So on Thursday, like a true Lagos Alchie, I trooped over to Zamunda (yeah..named after Eddie Murphy's kingdom in 'Coming to America') to enjoy the asun (peppered goat-meat), Live Band and ...Booze!!

I'm sorry oh...but where I come from, you are trained never to say NO to FREE Booze!!


Ada & Singer, Waje

Shout-out to Caesario and the rest of the Zamunda crew for inviting me and giving me a GREAT time!!


Note that through this entire week, I had been struggling with Malaria!! It finally kicked in mightily on Thursday-Friday and so I had to fight back...

Yeah..I had to take all those drugs!! *sad face* But I've been a good girl and consistently tool ALL!! Not forgetting the Blood of Jesus which Prof. Mummy and Miss Natural soaked me in to be healed!!


Was all drugged-out through the day...felt better in the evening and went to Hotel Bon Voyage for the usual Friday Live Band & Grill by the Waterfront!!

It was even more exciting as Key-tarist, JAIYE, was performing with the Band!! I was soooooo NOT disappointed!!

Went to hook up with The Kingpin afterwards...had no clue I was going for a Halloween Party, but was pleasantly surprised when I got there...

Yes...this guy came as a White Garment Prophet, complete with his bell which he kept ringing in people's faces!! was sooo funny!!

Was also loving the Bartenders, Bouncers and Waiters costumes and make-up!!

..and my Henny glass too!!

Haven't hung out with my Tones recetly, so was super-excited when I bumped into her Man!!

L'erin Davis & I

Made me feel like she was there!!

I love papping the Paparazzi *wicked grin*...

Kola Oshalusi - Event Photographer

Introducing: Water Martini

I tricked The Kingpin into having a sip...when he found out it was water, he told me I just spoilt his entire taste buds by giving him water to drink...Lmao..freaking Alchie!!

The Kingpin has beautiful feet!!


Had an Amala craving yet again so went to get some...

When the lady serving the Amala begins to jump up and hug you when you know there is trouble!!

May curiosity not kill Tari one day!! I saw this in the pot and asked the lady what it was...she told me and even though I was shocked, I decided to brave it and asked her to give me!!

Goat Heart

Even though we are brutal carnivores in this country, something just felt absolutely WRONG about eating the heart of another of God's creatures!!

That just gives new meaning to the phrase 'Eat your heart out' in the poor goat probably had dreams and a future, never imagining that one day, it's heart would be on the menu!!

I couldn't go through with it...Queen (house-maid) gladly did me the honors!!

Greta Timbuktu

This Greta can like to fall my hand!! I always have to remind her to sit proper...

Then once I'm not looking, she goes right back to it!!

I haven't spoken about the Timbuktu's much recently, this is because they've been going through a rather difficult time as a family and I felt it would be intrusive to give you Live Updates!!

But their holding up well, and once all is sorted (soon I hope), I'll give you the Lowdown!!


Re-discovered one of my old Secret Places!! Gosh I treally loved (and apparently still do) that place!!

I used to work out of there like on the was soooo peaceful and inspiring!! I wrote some of my really great work there!

Had a delicious breakfast there which amazingly enough, cost just N500!!

My friend decided to pap me while we were there...

Later went for the Fashion Show by Ugonna Omerua's House of Nwocha line at the Four Points Sheraton...

Ugonna Omerua & 'Debayo Oke-Lawal

(Live from House of Nwocha Show..coming soon)

Special shout-out to Erumu Odiete whose birthday is coming up this week!!

Erumu the way, I got published on 234Next!! Just for fun, you might wanna check out how I've been shredded apart there..Lol


A major TARIERE photo-shoot is coming up really soon...interested Make-up Artistes, Stylists and Designers should contact me on let's have FUN!!


  1. Your blog is super cool:)

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. Wow, your article is getting seriously panned by readers on the next website. They have no appetite for news on slogans. Some of the comments are hilarious, though, and yeah, i guess its freedom of speech, right?

  3. lol Tari you are adventurous sha. see that catfish hmmm. It looks scary but I trust your judgement. lol we need a relevation, we want to know who the Kingpin is!!! Glad you are feeling better.

  4. i think i have started living vicariously through your weekdays and weekends. on a sad note though, it amazing the amount of crap we are prepared to take as Africans in the name of goodwill, the day i posted on my wall on FB for people to sign the petition was quite a surprising one, reading the bashing on your article just makes me sad.

  5. Cliche as it is, Leadership is action, not position. And like Chinyere, one of the commenters on Next said and i paraphrase, "we can only make a difference when more of us can individually tackle what we consider "small" issues." Enough said.

    FYI, I also published your article on my blog a few days ago.

    :) at Lagos, alchies and free booze. Gotta love it.

  6. so u found out where i buy my fish in ikoyi ....
    i can swear by the fish there !!!!!

  7. oh! tari how i love yr blog

  8. Hey Tari! You've been missing(and missed) at the Water Brook. Do we expect to see you soon?

  9. Hey Hey!!! I'm a brand spanking new Tari reader! What keeps bringing me back is your reference to food (besides other things)... I absolutely love my grub!!! Don't live in Lag btw but do you think you can compile a list of nice 'to grub' spots in Lag for us folks that visit Lag some in a while....


  10. *once in a while...


  11. I have to tesfity, Kemi is a true darling. Absolutely love her!

    Goat heart sha... *shakes head vigorously*

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  13. this babe, you dey chop o! ahn, see food :)

  14. Love my sisters and brothers n Africa shout outs to you all from Tampa Fl & NYC much love La'prelle