Monday, October 4, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)

Monday through Thursday

Indulged in this traditional delicacy...I hope all these my random, unusual cravings don't put me in trouble one day!!

Isi-Ewu (goat head)

I'm still waiting for someone to explain the Cows in Cow View...sorry..Park View Estate to me...

Nobody does Egusi soup like our House-maid, Queen...

Attended INDUSTRY NITE at Saipan on Wednesday, where I got acquainted with a very curious drink called 'Crude Oil'

I couldn't resist asking the Bartender if they by any chance had 'Resource Control' also!!

Had a Lunch meeting at Cactus on Thursday...why oh why do I love water this much?!

Ordered the 'Cactus Special' fresh Juice, almost jumped off the jetty when I saw what they brought...

Sister, please can I just have a plain ole juice, instead of this contraption you've brought for me?!

I love me my (pronouncing Zohan style) KK-HH-HOMMUS!! At Cactus, they pimp it out a little...Introducing 'Goat-meat Hommus'..

Can never get enough fresh veggies..

Went over to my friend's house in Lekki!! spent the rest of the evening with him, his wife, and their 6-month old baby, who I just felt like kidnapping!! I got the feeling he wanted to be kidnapped by me also!!

They introduced me to a drink called..get ready for this...BALANCE!!! Lmao

After a few hours of Baby Balancing, I was ready to move!! Hmmnn..I suspect my Maternal instinct has started kicking in, cos from there I went to visit yet another baby...

Dante is a little Don-Dada oooo...check out his shoes...

Then it was off to see my sister..couldn't resist the view as usual...

Speaking of family..check out this beautiful image Tones captured of her sister-in-law and nephew...



The fireworks were popping from the Green Concert...

Then chilled at my brand new Secret Place...trying not to be too selfish, I invited some people to come hang-out as well...

Dami Olaiya, Joke, Bunmi & Damola


Smoked some nice Shisha...

Only one word best describes my brand new Secret Place...BEAUTIFULLY PEACEFUL...well, I guess that makes it two words then!


Got out of bed early so I could make my Toastmaster's Meeting, which held at the Best Western Hotel in Victoria Island...

The Hurricane was there...

Hurricane in the Middle

Don't let her size fool you..she can knock down any Goliath when she gets behind a podium...

Sneaked out just before the brain was touching for reasons I couldn't put my finger on!! Missed the food...

This dazzling view of Bar Beach beckoned to me as I drove past...

So I parked and walked the Beach!

The Area Boys (or Council..I wonder whose scam it is!) make going to the Beach such a hassle!! You pay to park, pay a toll to walk into the Beach, pay to park your ass on a chair, pay to take shade under a tent...I told them that very soon, they'll be asking me to pay to breathe on the Beach!! Oxygen - N25 for half-breath!!

For all we pay, the Beach still remains dirty as I wonder where the money goes...

I love Nigerians!! No matter what, we like our FA-JEEEEE!!

I had walked almost a mile (not that I know how miles are measured..I had sha walked far), when I saw him!!

There he was, sweeping the area around his little tent...

For some weird reason, the thought that popped into my head as I watched him was "At the end of the day, we're ALL just Pilgrims on this earth"

Then I wished he would invite me into his my utmost delight, he called out to me inviting me to come chill in his tent with him!!

I didn't even wait for any further prompting as I dashed over!!

His name is Ras Banjo, and he is a Musician.

A very FINE Musician at that!! And an Intelligent soul with a passion for enriching the lives of everyone he comes whatever way he can.

Ras Banjo shared the music from his Promo cd with me...I shared my blog with him.

I learned soooooo much from's also amazing how much we have in common!! Needless to say, i'm grateful to God for blessing me with a great new friend!!

Ras Banjo & Tari

Ras Banjo took good care of me in his little tent, which we dubbed the 'Tent of Friendship'!! He bought me Lunch and made sure I had no moment of discomfort while I was there!!

Lol @ the t-shirt the boy selling the Bananas was wearing...

We were soon joined by Banjo's friend...


Kareem is from Niger Republic..he has a rather interesting World View which he articulates very intelligently!

Ras & Al

*now hiding my face* Ras and I did a little performance together!! We recorded it, but I'm terrified to share it with you!

Ras Banjo and I soon buried his tent in a spot where only he and I can it wouldn't be hi-jacked by other people looking for shelter on the Beach!! Then we sang some ancient hymns together as he walked me to my car!!

*contented sigh* I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon!!

I had messages from my friend Michael, asking me to come chill with them at a little Barbeque in Ikoyi!!

I was unable to collect pictures of the food to show you, but trust me, nothing beats nicely done CAT-FISH!!

We chilled and gisted until late at night..just about 5 of us!! Was an amazing time...we briefly checked out SLUSH at Marquee and then proceeded to Caliente!!

Saturday was officially the best day I've had in a long while!!

I love Michael Tokunbo Akindele & Oladipo guys are the ISH!!



I MADE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I've stopped being a heathen and actually got up on a Sunday morning to attend Church!! And I didn't just go....I took another heathen with me!!!

Love you Glory Edozien!!!

Church was really nice!! Pastor Wale Adefarasin threw the floor open so everyone can express their views about Nigeria and how we can all make ourselves personally responsible for taking Nigeria forward!!

There were some very interesting contributions and we all left feeling inspired!!

My dear friend, Uju wanted to buy me Lunch, so I dropped Glory off (she came for Brunch later) and headed to Hotel Bon Voyage on A.J. Marinho Drive in Victoia Island for their Sunday Brunch.

*sigh* The ever-challenging process of deciding what to eat...

Uju ALWAYS has to have her Chapman...

After stuffing ourselves up on plenty of food and gist, we went to the Waterfront to chill!!

Alright..lemme confess...Hotel Bon Voyage is my brand new Secret Place!! They are treating me nicely that's why I'm saying...hehehehehe


The place is just BLISS!!

Uju Chilkelue


Check out this painting at the Bon Voyage...

Later headed over to Base Lounge for the REGGAE/DANCEHALL NITE

Segun & Jaiye

Jaiye is an Artiste who plays an interesting instrument called the Key-Tar!! I'll soon be attending one of his shows and come and give you the gist.

There were performances from the hottest Reggae artistes as well as mad tunes from D.J's from France...who just take Reggae music to another level!!

Rymzo performing

Guest & Bibiana Ohio

Benny Paladin



  1. WOw, it looks like you had a lot of fun. I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying it (especially because it keeps me in touch with home, while im away) nice blog.

    ps: I just got a little hungry after seeing the food on your post. Take care!

  2. Tari babe! No thanks for making me drool at all that good food. You look great in that black dress. Your weekend was fun! I miss my naij!

  3. Tari, you are a true african woman... You like food no be small jare! Every week, you go just de bombblast our eyes with food, which levels?

  4. Geez u must sleep a whole lot during d week! Coz ur weekends are usually tightly packed! i must confess your blog gets better everyday!

  5. Tari Tari, loves to 'party'....damn girl u know how 2 have fun, and u love ur,n i just love your blog....thank you for the hunger pangs i feel

  6. COUGH COUGH!!! Please excuse me where is the kingpin in this weeks post?? Did u think it would go unnoticed?? Is he our of town??

  7. hooking up with a crazy musician at Bar Beach is not cute darling:) watch out...

  8. FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD!!! One of the reasons i come on this blog. LOLZ. U have plenty liver even talking to anyone at Bar Beach o. I'd have been so paranoid :o(

  9. Hello All...Im glad my Food-tography is having the right impact *smile*

    @Boogie: I really do hope you've called your mama to tell her you featured last week ooo!!

  10. tarri,
    i ll like to be ur weekend friend. its not fair dat u shuld have all dis fun and food while i just sit at home and sleep

  11. I love your blog - very personal and real. And you are a pleasant person - full of life!
    Warm regards :)

  12. Im from the Philippines and have Nigerian blogger friends. I swooped over here and enjoyed the pictures. I love Naija gist. Hoping i could swing by naija in the near future.

    and OMG!1 YOu are a toastmaster too!!!!! I am a member of a TM club here too. No wonder you are good at hosting;)
    Nice blog :)