Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two-Timing Tari : In Search of Destiny

The darkness drew me deeper into its embrace.

There also seemed to be what sounded like the beating of a drum; at first it was faint, then it pounded louder and harder until I shrunk myself from its intensity and forced my way out of its reach.

I tried to crack my eyes open. The light was like a shard of glass cutting across my eyes. I quickly shut them.

Then it all came back to me; the question, the look and then total blackness.

I guess I just got myself a full dose of what they say about Curiosity. The pounding in my head seemed to find that last thought quite funny, and expressed itself in full force.

The mother of ALL headaches.

Suddenly, through the haze, I heard a voice. An excitement perked up within me; oohh I was sooo going to play dead right now!! Let this Mr. Classic squirm in guilt as I make him think he’s killed me.

I quickly swallowed the small smile which was trying to escape my lips. No, I was hearing voices, not a voice.

That’s right, two voices. They seemed kind of muffled before, but were now becoming more audible. In fact, they seemed to be approaching me. I stiffened as much as my numb body would allow me.

One voice was definitely Mr. Classic’s; the other was disturbingly familiar. I leaned my ear in closer..OMG!! It couldn’t be; how, when, HOW??!

This would have been an ideal moment to faint, but unfortunately for me, this wasn’t a Nollywood blockbuster titled ‘Jeopardy in the Air’ and directed by one of the Ejiro brothers!!

No, this was real life and I just found myself stuck on a plane with BOTH my lovers!! I didn’t even need to open my eyes to know that the second voice was Mr. Smooth’s. The instinctively sensual reactions from my body were all the proof I needed.

Why me, oh God?! Hey..but I’m playing dead right now, so I can survive least till we land.

“Get up Tareh!!” the voice was definitely Mr Smooth's, he alone pronounced my name that way.

“Stop playing dead…I know you can hear me”, he continued.

The problem with this Smooth Man is that he knows me too damn well!! Alright, BUSTED..the game’s up!! I drew myself into a sitting position and shielding my eyes with my hands, opened them slowly.

My very first post-unconscious sight was of Mr. Classic and Mr. Smooth, the two men I loved, standing together in front of me. It was the most beautiful picture I had ever seen.

I immediately became glaringly aware of the fact that it was just three of us on the small jet. Oh my goodness, not even my blog is uncensored enough for the sort of thoughts that flooded my mind.

I smiled at them.

Mr. Classic wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. “Do you have any idea how freaked out I was?” he scolded

“Well, that was kind of the idea…next time; you’ll be gentle with a lady” I replied cheekily

Like a force field, the reality of the situation overwhelmed me. How was Mr. Smooth on this plane? Why were they speaking to each other when I was unconscious? My eyes narrowed as I ferociously raised my head to face them, more than ready for a fight.

“I want answers, and I want them NOW!! What the FUCK is going on here?”

Mr. Smooth simply smiled, turned around and began walking toward the cockpit. Spurred by some energy, I sprang up and ran to block his path. I think the wild look in my eyes stopped him from taking even a single step further. I was enraged.

“I said I wanted answers, and someone is going to give me some right NOW!!” I looked from one to the other with what I hoped was my most dangerous look.

Mr. Smooth shrugged, turned his back on me and took a seat.

“What do you want to know?” he asked as he sat down majestically and crossed his legs. I looked over at Mr. Classic, who was smiling sheepishly.

“Mister Smooth!! Never thought I’d see the day…she has you like pudding in her hands!!” Mr. Classic said mockingly.

“First of all, how did you get on this plane?” I pointed accusingly at Mr. Smooth.

Mr. Smooth relaxed in his seat. “I own the plane. I knew you were not going to come for Brunch today, I saw the rebellion in your eyes the last time. So I decided to go on a little ride all by myself. But when I was told someone had booked it for the weekend, I figured I’d just fly the customer myself. Who would have guessed it’d be you, my beautiful angel and your Lover, my good friend here”

Oh nooooo!! So he’d been in there through everything I’d done with Mr. Classic back here. I wondered if there was some sort of CCTV that linked to the cockpit.

Mr. Smooth smiled. “The sounds were good enough for me”

I was determined to be in control; I won’t let him get to me..FOCUS Tari, Focus.

“You guys KNOW each other?!” I knew I wasn’t going to like whatever I heard on this jet, but I had to know.

Getting the information out of them was like pulling a welded tooth, but I eventually did. I threatened, fought, manipulated, flirted, and did everything I knew how and at the end of it all, wondered if I wouldn’t have been better off not knowing.

In summary, Mr. Smooth and Mr. Classic not only knew each other, they shared the same destiny. They had been told by the same person as children, that only one of them can ascend the throne which they both lived to attain. For both of them, it was all about the power, the influence, the eventual domination of the entire airspace and I, poor me, was the pawn each needed to fulfill his raw ambition.

Needless to say, it wasn’t really me they wanted, it was my gift.

They both denied that they had been using me. They had pretended to love me, to guarantee my submission, and then whoever I totally submitted to, would own me, and of course, my gift. I lost the will to live as the truth unfolded before me. I mostly had to dig into what they weren’t saying to figure out the truth for myself. Like the fact that it’s my gift they both wanted.

They needed me, and so were still trying to convince me that they loved me. My heart could only take so much. It was clear that they had both unexpectedly fallen hopelessly in love with me in their quest to ‘own’ me, but I doubted that their love for me superseded their Desire for Domination.

These two men, whom I had given everything; my heart, my body, my passion, had suddenly become strangers to me. Yet as I looked at them, from one to the other, I was overwhelmed by an abiding love for both of them.

My love for them was undaunted by the lies they had given me. I knew in my heart that they were both Kings and I truly wanted them to be all they could be and more. I cursed myself for this gift I’ve been given, which had to place a stake on the possibility of me being truly loved.

Yet they both were still pledging their undying love for me. They claimed they would have loved me whether or not I had this gift which they so desperately needed.

At some point in our lives, we will all be stabbed by the dagger of Necessity. The thrust of the dagger penetrated me in that moment as I stood confused before these two men whom I loved with everything I am.

They both say they love me; they both want what I have; I genuinely love both; I can only give myself completely to one; it has to be the one who truly loves me..

My life belongs to the ONE who with love can redeem it.

There really is only one way to find out if any of my lovers is that ONE..

With the speed of a Cheater, I rushed to the ‘Exit’ door; my quick hands undid the locks. As I pushed the door outward, I heard the heavy footsteps of both men rushing after me, and screaming out my name. I didn’t look back.

I jumped. The rush of the wind pushing on me, as I hurled myself against the empty clear skies.

In search of my own destiny.

Watch out for the conclusion of Tari’s Two-Timing series...


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