Friday, September 10, 2010

Two-Timing Tari : Destiny Fulfilled

Mr. Classic felt as though all the life had been punched out of him.

He was only vaguely conscious of the pandemonium that was now inside the aircraft. The wind was still rushing in and it seemed like the little plane was struggling for survival. He himself was now on the floor, having been knocked down by a mighty gust of wind.

The Bitch. The fucking crazy, lost, psychotic Bitch!!

Who jumps out of a flying plane?! Even as he was being tossed everywhere by the wind, and felt a slight trickle of blood from where his head had hit against the sharp ledge of a seat, the only thing he could taste was the bitter bile of his life gone sour.

Everything was lost. All he had hoped for, longed for, played a game for his entire life. Out the fucking window!!

From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Mr. Smooth lying on his stomach, inching his way slowly against the massive onslaught of wind, toward the aircraft door.

Hatred so intense it felt like a rebirth, overwhelmed him in that instant. All his life he had had to be this person. This person that everyone had to like; this person who wore whatever mask the occasion required of him.

He had to learn to give what people required in order to be accepted. He had to pretend he was a happy guy, when deep inside, he really wanted to destroy every pathetic creature from whom he desperately sought affirmation.

His only opportunity to ever changing that dynamic lay in his ascendance of that throne. Then, he will have been able to control all their wretched minds. They would have done only what he wanted them to do. He would have owned them; made them subject to every beckoning of his being.

Oh how he had longed for the day that would have been. Every moment in his life had been geared toward that goal. The old man had clearly said that the throne belonged to whoever owned the Bitch. Get her lost in your power, and her immense power became yours.

He had been sooo close. But then, there had to be this Smooth bastard contending for her heart as well. A new determination set in, as a single idea was born in his heart. What if the old man was wrong? What if he didn’t need that crazy Bitch to get the throne? Wasn’t the real competition Smooth?

All of a sudden, the wind became like breeze as Mr. Classic found in himself a new reason to live. Who said it was over? He inched toward Mr. Smooth with the agility of a passionate snake. Pity the Bitch had to jump; he had actually loved her.

She was the first person with whom he didn’t have to work to be accepted. It was like she saw Him and yet still loved him. Too bad she had to take an early flight!!

Mr. Classic was now very close to Smooth. What was he trying to do anyway? Was he trying to shut the door? Fucking heroic bastard!! Mr. Classic hurried in his glide; he couldn’t afford to allow Smooth shut the door before he got to him.

He was now just at the feet of Smooth and was ready to give him the unexpected push which will hurl him out of the plane and into the cloudless skies, when Smooth suddenly thrust himself out of the plane and out into the skies.

Mr. Classic was shocked silent for the second time in less than 2mins.

He quickly reached out for the door, struggling with the raging wind, fighting for his own survival. He pulled; the wind caused his feet to give way; he regained his balance and got a firmer grip on the door. He shut it.

Silence filled the aircraft.

Mr. Classic collapsed on the floor, trying to make sense of what had just happened. The bastard had committed suicide!! That was the only logical explanation for a sane man jumping out of a plane.

Wow!! He had been right earlier; the Smooth Fool had actually gotten himself foolishly in love with the Bitch!! Losing the throne and then losing her must have really gotten to him.

Oh well, it’s a good thing he didn’t have to get blood on his hands after all. Now he alone was eligible for the throne. There was no one to contend with him. He will find a way..somehow

But first, he needs to make sure this damn plane lands safely. He rushed into the cockpit..


Mr. Smooth – 2mins ago

His heartbeat resumed exactly 5seconds after she jumped.

Then he was knocked down by the wind. She is even crazier than I thought. She jumped??!!

Mr. Smooth couldn’t stop the smile that escaped his lips. He found himself slowly moving toward the door. He looked back to see if Classic was alright, he had seen him fall against the ledge of a seat moments ago.

Classic was stirring, so he must be alright.

How long does it take before an object of Tari’s weight hit the ground? As if it matters, what the heck can I do about it anyway?

Trust Tari not to think about the possible outcome of jumping out of a flying plane. Oh, she did think about it alright; the crazoid was ready to die.

She is such a fool; it baffles me how anyone can be so passionate. But how he loved this fool of a woman.

He wondered what her final thought will be if she wasn’t already dead by now. He wondered how she would feel if she hit the ground with no-one there to catch her. He cringed at the thought of her beautiful body being broken to pieces by whatever element broke her fall.

Oh God, why couldn’t I just have loved a normal woman who had no grand expectations of me in her silly head?

For the first time in his adult life, Mr. Smooth felt like he had completely lost control. He had always maintained a disciplined approach to life. From a tender age, he had felt so much compassion for the sufferings of everyone, and the helplessness he felt toward it had made him learn to bottle his emotions with finesse.

He had wanted that throne all his life because only then would he have the power to transform the mind of the world. He will feed them thoughts which will open them up to the unseen good which is resident in every human. He will create a new world order rooted in Love and honor for human life.

He hated himself for using Tari the way he had. His only consolation was in telling himself that she wants the same thing of the world, so will understand. He knew why she was given the gift that could change everything; she was pure.

Smooth carried a great deal of pain in his heart. Pain from the callousness of humanity; pain from the insincerity of friends and ‘loved ones’.

His pain became his shield. It became his armor.

Smooth also carried a lot of anger in him. He was angry at his seeming helplessness toward changing all the suffering he could see. Hence, Smooth mastered the art of Control.

He was the master of his own emotions. It was only with Tari that this was threatened. With her, he wanted to do things he had not thought about since he was a boy. Her open heart and acceptance of the world around her gave her a freedom which Smooth envied greatly.

She was what he wanted to be, but couldn’t bring himself to be.

And now she’s done it again..thrown my entire world out of control. Smooth realized that for once in his life, he had a situation on his hands, and absolutely no PLAN.

With this realization came a certain feeling he didn’t recognize. Something was unlocked somewhere deep inside him. Confused as Smooth was, whatever was happening to him right now felt good.

He let it happen. Smooth immediately knew where he wanted to be right now; where he wanted to be for the rest of his life, even if that ‘rest’ consisted in a fall to his death.

In the same place with the woman of his soul; the heartbeat of his spirit.

He jumped.

Into the skies, into the unknown. He plunged himself through the misty waves of the clouds, blinded to the certainty of all outcomes, but alive in ways he had never known.


The clouds received him; the winds sprang to action, steering him in the direction they had been instructed. In the same direction which moments earlier, they had carried the Mistress of the skies.

Since the beginning, they had awaited this time; over and over, they had practiced the execution of this particular assignment. The Master had made it clear that even their survival depended upon the success of this assignment.

With pride, they marched through the skies, aware that all other clouds and the winds of the other polars were in awe of their glory, as the chosen ones to bring delight to the Master’s heart.


Mr. Smooth opened his eyes.

Everything was brand new. The land was green; lush and held the scent of a new beginning.

He stood up and in a moment of appreciation, took in the magnificent beauty of his surroundings. If there was ever a thing as Perfection, this was it.

Then he saw her; no, now THIS was Perfection.

She lay by the brook, the gentle waters caressing her feet as she slept peacefully in the golden haze of the sun. Her loveliness broke his heart, and he wept.

He went over to her, bent and kissed her.

She opened her eyes. What he saw in them would have caused him to embrace Plane-jumping as a hobby. He knew in that moment that death was only an illusion.

This is Life.

She smiled and took his hand. They sat and were united each other.

Mr. Smooth ascended his throne. The old man had tricked them.

The gift was not just in her, but in them. That was the unlocking he had experienced in the plane.

The throne belonged to he who had the gift of Love.

The gift could only have been discovered by he who was willing to give his life, the throne, and everything else, even in the absence of any gain.

He had given his life for this woman; with no certainty of reward at the other side of it.

In doing so, his Destiny had been fulfilled.


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