Monday, September 13, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


I'm sorry...I still can't get over Cow-View Estate...

Yeah we had a looonng ass weekend here in began for me with Prof. Mummy's birthday on Wednesday!!

Lemme share some random details about Prof. Mummy with you right now:

I call her Prof. Muumy cos she has theories and answers for EVERYTHING!!

Her remedy for every single thing under the face of this earth is the BLOOD OF JESUS!! It has never failed her!

Prof. Mummy hates indecent dressing!! She tells anyone dressed indecently around her (suffered most by my sisters and I) that NAKEDNESS IS SHAME!! Her argument for that is that when a mob catches a thief, what's the first thing they do to him/her?!

Prof. Mummy will open her door to even Abacha if he came asking for her help!!

And yes, she's a STRONG woman who gave birth to 8 kids!!!

That's Bade being a little brat!!

Went for dinner turned drinks with The Kingpin later.

Then it was INDUSTRY NITE at Saipan (pictures to be posted soon)...



Had a very nice morning watching Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married Too', with my friend Jibola and his fiancee.

The thickest peppersoup I've ever encountered...courtesy Jibs

Then took Gigi (my chariot/car) to the Spa for a much deserved pampering.

Decided to go on a long walk round an Estate here in Ikoyi while Gigi was getting her groove on!! Sat for a while with the guards at the gate, marvelling at their intelligent conversation.

Then the Bestie came to pick me up from the Car Wash to go for her Wedding Dress fitting.

She had a craving, so we made a stop for this...

Corned-out Seun Opaleye

I later experienced one of those breathless moments as I was called in to view her in the dress....all I can say is that my girl is going to be the most beautiful Bride there ever can be!!

The lovely Miss Opaleye

Stopped for a late lunch at a Tetrazinni outlet...never knew they had it going on there!!

Prof. Mummy's Ijaw indoctrination has started kicking in...I gravitated toward the fish!!

Finally settled for this...


Remember Gbolahan, the newest addition to the Timbuktu clan?! Guy is kinda weird...always seems to be watching...

Gbolahan watching the Timbuktu baby

Then sometimes, he becomes the jovial Uncle Gbolahan...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!! Hmmnnnn...

Nevertheless, Exhausted Greta seems thankful to Uncle Gbolahan most times...but I just don't trust him!!




Worked all day!! Emerged at night to attend Tope Jawando's Hen Night

Tope Jawando

But first, had dinner and drinks with my new Arab friends at Villa Medici...

Filet de sole

I have no apologies for being a local Nigerian woman who ALWAYS has to have her pepper with EVERYTHING!!

My Arab friends decided to do the Naija pepper mix with me and paid early for it!! A fire extinguisher couldn't have sizzled the fire in their mouths..LOL

Dessert - Creme Brulee

Left the Hen Night early and cuddled up to watch 'No Country for Old Men' with the Timbuktu's till we all dozed off!!


Who wakes up and first thing in the morning, goes to the Salon to disfigure themselves?! Yeah...ME!!

Anyway, I'll spare you that picture...needless to say, I've had to take my braids out FAST!!

Tried to go see a friend in VGC, but that demoralising Lekki traffic wouldn't let me, so went to hang with Tones and her Man instead.

Watched some really crazy movie called 'The Experiment' (I think) with them. Tones was sooo angry at the end of the movie, her Man and I were scared she was going to trash the TV!!

I really appreciate the fact that they go the extra mile to accommodate me and make sure I'm not lonely!!

We hung out on 'The Balcony' later...



Spent the entire day doing RESEARCH for the next stage of my plan toward getting the MAMA's slogan changed and reverting the damage done.

Got a breath of fresh air much later and also checked out my favorite Columnist's page...



  1. kaiii tari!! see enjoyement ohh. lol I always wondered why you called your mum Prof Mummy. I thought it was because she was a Professor. LOL maybe Uncle Gbolahan is plotting ways to snatch the Timboks family inheritance...just keep an eye out for him. as for the food, have mercy please...I love it though it makes me hungry! Cant wait to come home so I can sample this on the regular!

  2. ooh!! i so recognize the gates to that fabulous 'wedding dress' fitting! she makes fabulous dresses doesnt she?