Monday, August 30, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words) + A Timbuktu Catastrophe!!!


The kids are back from their holiday!!!

And thank goodness for that, as they are the only ones who could have helped me with the mega-Timbuktu catastrophe I encountered this weekend.

For a while now, Greta Timbuktu's belly has been protruding and she ALWAYS seems to be nodding off to sleep. I often wondered about this, because it's truly weird..its almost impossible to carry out even a short conversation with Greta.

Greta Timbuktu

Lemme give you an example of what chatting with her feels like:

Me: "Hi Greta, I'm going to be out all day...any idea what you guys are up to today?"

Greta: *in her thick German accent* "I think I'm going to scrub..."*loud snoring*

Me: *bewildered* Greta! Greta!! Na wa oooooo!!!


On Thursday, with Bade, Lande and Rrroooott (pronounced 'rrrrooottt' even though her name is Ruth) as witnesses, the mystery has finally been solved.

At 10pm on Thursday 26th August, 2010, Greta Timbuktu was delivered of a bouncing baby boy right on my bed!! Apparently, not even Mr. Timbuktu was aware that she was expecting.

She thought the rest of her family knew she was pregnant, and was even quite irritated at everyone's surprise. Timbuktu acknowledged that there was something she always kept trying to tell him, but would doze off before she could get to.

Nevertheless, Mr. Timbuktu is the proudest father in the world right now!!


Working Friday all the way!! Took Gigi out for a spin late at night to go pick up some Chinese food for my starving family!!

Also had to eat quite a bit to convince my sisters that my recent loss of appetite is not self-induced! in I can't even believe they think I'm starving myself on purpose!!


It was the Bestie's Introduction!!

An Introduction is when a man's family formally comes to make their intentions of marrying a woman for their son, known to her family.

So they bring lots of goodies and plenty, plenty CASH to come and 'introduce' themselves to her family.


I think I'm the worst Chief-Bridesmaid ever!! As in what kind of maid of Honor is late for the Introduction?!

Seun Oplaleye and Fiance, Zeal Akaraiwe

The eyeing Seun gave me as I walked in late could have transformed me into a pile of vomit!! But I soon wormed my way back into her heart, by making sure she and her fiance's glasses were constantly 'spiked' with vodka!!

If only the Elders there knew that's what we were up to...LOL

This would be my 3rd time being a Maid of Honor...and I think I sucked majorly both times!! HELP..I want to be the best MOH this time!! Tips anyone?!

Stayed up working till about 3am, while also enjoying some old albums I used to LOVE!! John Legend's 'Get Lifted' and R Kelly's 'Chocolate Factory'!!

I almost sang my friend who was working late with me, to INSANITY!!



Lazed in bed till mid-afternoon, when I had to crawl out to go support my girl, Lois.

Former Model, Lois Adevokhai was having the very first Casting Call for her November 18th Modelling Agency, at Ember Creek on Awolowo Road.

Lois Adevokhai

November 18th is soooo going to transform the Business of Model Recruitment and Talent Management in this town...I can feel it!! Lois' immaculate attention to detail and sharp eye for quality are priceless qualities.

Had to dash out of there pretty quick though, as a certain Producer (you know yourself) was trying to spring WORK on me right there and then!! I sha escaped...

Went to show Wonuola Odunsi some love at Le Petit Marche, which was holding at GET Arena...

Was immediately confronted by this SEXY laptop bag by Juliet David-West's JIDZ as soon as i arrived there...

But unfortunately, some very sharp person had paid for it already!! JIDZ has some really SICK hand-made definitely should check her out!! (07062279484, 08056196619)

It seems WORK was determined to follow me everywhere yesterday...what are the odds that I'd bump into my 360Nobs Boss-Man...

Noble Igwe

Noble sooooo owes me a Strawberry Margarita...he knows what I'm talking about...419!!

Damilola Olaiya & Joke Adepase

Oyindamola Fakeye

Oyinda is starting a Burlesque Class ...I'm sooo excited!! Can't wait for the 2nd of September, when I shall go and make a major fool of myself at her class!!

It's open to I guess you can come laugh at me.

Had a very much needed BEING session with Tones at 'The Balcony' later!! I've missed having those!

Since in recent times, I've become a Church Truant, Tones preached the entire sermon from her Church that morning, to me!!

It was about breaking boundaries and limitations, beginning from the mind!! We talked about sooo much, and both shuddered as we imagined about what our lives would have been like if we didn't have a relationship with God.

I left 'The Balcony' feeling very inspired and empowered!! I had also shed a couple of pounds laughing hysterically at Tones and her Man's traumatised reactions to my impulsive was a great evening!!

I left Tones and went to check out the new Live Band at Base Lounge...

Singer & Tari (Me)

The popular Sharp Band is now LIVE every Sunday at Base Lounge, Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island. You might know Sharp Band as the in-house Band for M-Net's Comedy Club, Lagos.

Oh..and this Guy here, is the Band's VAIN...yet extraordinary Saxophonist...


It was one of those really great experiences where, people who come out on their own, end up mixing with those they meet at a place, and before the end of the evening, everyone is dancing together and having a FUN time!!

Tari & Model,Chisom

Yes...that's the SUNDAY AT BASE LOUNGE experience for you!! You must, must, come hang out with us from 6pm next Sunday..I promise you a FABOOSH time!!! (wink at Adaku)

And the food is Amaze-Balls...

That's me eating Gizzard

Went back home to find that I probably need to get married soon, as the Timbuktu family is getting larger by the day, and very soon, there may just be no room for me in my Bedroom...

Meet Gbolahan...the Timbuktu family pet Jau-pard (half Jaguar, half Leopard)



  1. Congratulations to Seun x

  2. .......think I will be coming to pick u for church service from next week.....
    nice wk ahead....

  3. Congrats to Seun...awww, my classmate.

  4. Hi Tariere,

    Love your blog!!

    But allow me be the voice of dissent here:

    I HATE THE TIMBUKTU FAMILY!!... I just don't get their relevance to anything?

    Now, I'm not begrudging you your "escapism fantasies" if that's your thing, knock yourself out it's your blog;

    but c'mon teddy bears?!?!?!?! teddy bears girl?!?!?

    /*..deepbreath..*/ /*..rantover..*/

    I'll resume enjoying your blog now...

    Please keep the titbits & pictures coming...

    Your "glam rock chic" fashion style rocks...