Monday, August 9, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words)


Major chilling at home...crowned with working on the Script of a certain 'Making the Video'..


Was yanked out of work by a frightening Domestic Emergency which had my attention for the rest of the day!! I'll give you the FULL gist of that later...

Mr & Mrs Timbuktu watered my eyes a little when I returned to find them in quiet Intimacy...

Greta Timbuktu leaning on her Husband


Woke up quite early and hurried to my very first Toastmaster's meeting...

Toastmaster's International is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their Communication, Public Speaking and Leadership skills.

The organization grew out of a single club, Smedley Club Number 1, which was the first Toastmasters Club. It was founded by Ralph C. Smedley on October 22, 1924, at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, United States.

Today, Toastmasters has served over 4million people, and serves over 250,000 members in 108 countries, through its over 12,500 member clubs.

The Toastmaster's meeting I attended here in Lagos was FABULOUS!!

Let me give you an example of how it works:

A Moderator reads out a topic, proverb, or situation e.g. "A Native Doctor must not leave his home with an empty bag" OR "A man who waits for his girlfriend, will encounter the spirits"...

Then the Moderator will RANDOMLY select ANY Guest or Toastmaster member to come to the podium and speak on the topic for a given time!!

Talk about being thrust in the SPOT!! Thank goodness I arrived a little late, so I was spared the challenge (although I was secretly hoping he'd select me when he read out a particular topic sha..).

After giving your Speech or even a simple Introduction of yourself, your performance will be Evaluated/Critiqued by the lady the members referred to as 'The Hurricane'.

..and a 'Hurricane' she truly is. Though petite and harmless looking, when she mounts that podium, she transforms into an oratorial giant, captivating her listeners with her Eloquence, wit and flawless Vocabulary.

'The Hurricane' about to adorn Ilesanmi, who had the best Impromptu speech, with a Toastmaster's award

I can't lie, I was fearing her small sha...but I'm gonna soooo watch her from now and learn EVERYTHING that makes her such a Fantasic Speaker!!

Anyway, later I hung out with my friend Jibola Alfred.

Jibs is such a great guy and someone who ALWAYS has my best interests at heart!! He is a genius in ALL things Economic Research & Analysis related!!

Jibs is the one I run to when I have a Presentation or want to assess a Business venture. I bribe him with a beer and he guides me through to an EXCELLENT plan.

We went Book-shopping..

That's what I'm currently reading...I LOVE classic Nigerian novels!!! I was also acquainted with my newest companion..FRANTAGBOSKOLOS!!

..I wonder whose 'brilliant' idea it was to do covers of James Hadley Chase's novels with Naija chics posing on the front cover..

Here's what a typical Hadley Chase cover looks like...

Chilled at Base Lounge at the Silverbird Galleria for a quick drink..this is what the view from Base Lounge looks like...

Then we went to have this delicous pizza...

Back to Base Lounge much later to hang out with my beautiful sister.


Was feeling FRANTAGBOSKOLOS like maaddd!!!!

She inspired me to have a little session at Base Lounge in the evening. We tagged it 'Hip-Hop Classics Nite' and guess who the D.J. was?!


I had some help though...but it was my Compilation!! Outkast, Public Enemy, Notorious, 2Pac, LL Cool was a GREAT evening with an even greater CROWD.

Then came back home to finish off 'Fight Club' with the Timbuktu's...

I LOVE 'Fight Club' by the way...we ALL laughed ourselves silly and learned quite a bit!!!

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  1. lol yay! you joined Toastmasters! i love that organization, its such a rush! if you havent make sure you do! well done on being the baddest female dj ever lol. The Timboks family do look domesticated sha...they're settling in well :)