Monday, August 2, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures (and words) + A Timbuktu Catastrophe!!!


Woke up feeling nauseous and so went through the day in Slow Motion..kinda like these Cows..

I'm still yet to really understand why there are sooo many Cows living in Cow..I'm sorry..Park View Estate!!

That evening was Toni Tones birthday party at Bacchus and I couldn't go cos by then I was really sick!!

She had a blast though!! Shout out to Banky W and Jessy Jagz for rocking my girl's party with impromptu performances!!


Was able to crawl out of bed for a brief meeting at Federal Palace Hotel..was done soon enough and so crawled right back into bed!!

My darling Tones came to smother me with some TLC later that evening...I felt better soon!!


Errands! Errands!! Errands!!!

Later attended a Waterbrook Fellowship meeting at Ember Creek.

Christian Author and Speaker, Michelle Hammond was present for a time of intimate sharing.

Michelle Hammond

I found her perspectives really interesting, and she said some things that have actually been jumping out in my head randomly since then.

Michelle is funny, very down-to-earth, forthright and as REAL as they come. Needless to say, I was inspired, and quite glad I could make it.

I 'papped' some of her books which were on display...

Then I rushed for the Deola Sagoe Launch of her brand-new Polo Line..

Then came back home to meet a serious Timbuktu Catastrophe!!!

But first, I have to run you through how it all could have gotten to this point...

Mr Timbuktu's erratic behaviour began as soon as my sister, Ton,  came home for her Summer break.

She had barely even dropped her luggage on arrival, when she grabbed Timboks and made him do the 'Dutty Wine' and 'Migraine Skank'!! I fought her and got him back, hoping she hadn't upset him too much.

I was wrong!! One evening, I walked into my bedroom, switched on the light, and discovered right there, before my very eyes, Mr Timbuktu doing the 'Alanta'!!

I simply retraced my steps, turned the light back off, and pretended the incident had never occured!!

Then a couple of days ago, this is what I was confronted with as I stepped out of my bathroom after a morning shower...

I got very worried about these series of weirdness from Timboks, who is usually so strict and orderly...but I convinced myself it was probably just a mid-life Teddy crisis!

Then on that fateful Saturday, right after the Deola Sagoe event, it ALL finally came together the moment I walked into my bedroom and discovered this heart-rending scene...

Turns out Mr Timbuktu has a family!!!!

That was a little too much for me too handle, so I called him aside and demanded an explanation!!

*sigh* It's definitely true what they say about living with someone who'll turn out to be a complete Stranger!! Who would have thought that my very own Timboks would have such a colorful past?!

For confidentiality reasons, I can't share his story with you...but I'll just say that I understand why he was afraid to tell me earlier..he feared the Rejection!!

As I looked into his scared and apologetic eyes, the hardness of my heart gradually melted.

This is the same Timbuktu who had been there for me on many a cold night.

The same Timbuktu who had laughed and endured my silly jokes, when there was no-one to share with.

The very same Timboks who immediately turned on me with deeply concerned eyes if I ever as much as whimpered at night.

How could I throw him and his family out in the cold, after all we've been through together.

Hmmnnn...I finally had to make the hard decision. They could ALL stay!!

Mr Timbuktu broke down and wept, while getting on his knees to thank me. I summoned all my inner strength to make sure I didn't fall apart right then.

Then he grabbed my hand and took me to meet the Timbuktu family...

Introducing (L-R) - Timboks, Bindu (daughter), Tintu (son)& Greta (wife)

Well, there's my'd probably do the same if you were me.


Went to Church and then suffered a relapse of sickness, which kept me in bed ALL day!!


  1. Talk about a weekend! lol are u sure Mr Timboks has not been jazzed lol? I mean he never mentioned a wife or kids of any sort. I am glad you looked past his omissions though hehe

  2. lmao.....Tari...ure cracking me up!!! hellos to mR tIMBOKS AND HE'S OH SO LVELY FAMILY....hope ur head is okay
    As usual u had a blast, thanks for sharing.
    Hope u feel alot better.

  3. sure had a weekend!

  4. @Miss Natural: OMG!! Do u really think he could have been jazzed?!!! Never thot about that oooo...

    @Missparky: I've passed ur 'hello' across..they barely even acknowledged me..Lol

  5. LMAO, my luv to Bindu & Tintu. BTW, What's their surname?