Monday, July 12, 2010

My Weekend In Pictures

Work! Work! And more Work!!! That was my Weekend!!..but I'm not complaining sha!


Did an Interview with Lola Maja, a Beauty Therapist/Make-Up Artist and a BEAUTIFUL Woman indeed!!

Lola Maja

Was a GREAT time..we talked about EVERYTHING!! Will give you the heads-up when its out on 360Nobs.


Spent the entire day at a Photo-Shoot which held at Ember Creek! Was FUN..even though I was being a Grouch at first!!

I felt like I was cheating on Toni Tones by allowing another Photographer take my pictures, but being the ANGEL that she is, she made sure she was around while I was being shot. So I was very comfy and FABULOUS indeed!!

Will let you know when the magazine is out as well!!

Went home excitedly to wait for my sister, Ton, to come from the Airport!! She's back for her Summer Holidays!!!! *gigantic smile*

Then she almost made me cry when she gave me the pair of shoes that she actually got a job just so she could buy for me!!

As in seriously, what have I EVER done for her, to make her WORK just so she could but me a FAB pair of shoes?!

Watched 'Good Fellas' till I slept off. I've unconsciously gone on a 'Scorcese Spree'!! Been watching ALL his movies recently!!

"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Gangster".....LOVED IT!!!


Went for the Elite Model Look Search at REHAB!!

Not as a Model ooooo!!!

Some Models at the Search

Came back home and Worked till I Dropped!!


Shamefully didn't even consider going to Church!!

Later went to Protea Hotel for a meeting with a Producer, where I bummed out completely...

It's not my fault, the combination of the water and lazy sun was too much to resist!! But really, don't I look like a Street Bum in the picture?!

Got a copy of 234Next's ELAN..Toni and I were yet again the 2 Contributors...

Check out my article titled, 'LET'S RULE OUT THE RULES'

Later in the evening, I wore my HOT new shoes and attended the Duchess's party/ Jewellry launch at Bacchus...

That was my Weekend..wasn't quite bad though!! How was yours?!

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  1. Omo....u definitely had a packed weekend, and i'm sure it was loads of fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! u did look like street a cute one!cheers.