Thursday, July 29, 2010

Current Location: Studio in major TV station

Issue on Ground: BORED out of my mind...but I have to be here

Current Solution: Document thots...

Woke up feeling quite nauseous this morning..still feel that way actually!! And NO..I'm not preggies...except I'm the new Mary a la Immaculate Conception.

I feel really woozy and like I can just randomly throw-up all over this studio right now. I wonder how they'll react to that...

Its one of those days when I've decided to take matters into my own hands, and so have bombarded this place with an armoury of Demands which I know they will usually not meet.

But when I'm in this mode, 'NO' is not a word I I'm here to get what I want, whether or not they are able to give it to me or not. Somehow, some way..they'll just have to find a way to make it happen.

And all I'm gonna do is ask nicely. *smile*

Tariere..where do you get this kind of confidence from?! You know very well that they wouldn't give ANYONE what it is you're about to ask them for...what makes you believe they'd just hand it over to you.

Hmmmnnn...I can't answer that question actually...I guess I just KNOW. I want this...I have to HAVE I'm gonna ask them and leave the rest to God.

Thing is I can't sit down hoping and praying that this will come cos it would NOT. I have to at least try abi?! I really want to make this happen...and so I'm gonna rely entirely on God's ability to do the Impossible.

That's actually the story of my life...God doing the Impossible. I asked Him for something which by all means would have been deemed Impossible last week, and barely 24hrs later, He made it happen.

God answers prayers and He answers them even beyond our expectations.

I guess that's the answer to my earlier question..HE is my Confidence. He sets the stage for all things to come to be..and so ill just DO my part by being here and actually daring to Demand the Impossible, while He handles every other thing from there.

Great partnership isn't it?! Me and my Father.

He's sooooo POWERFUL. I guess that's why I'm soooo attracted to powerful men because they remind me of my heavenly Father.

Powerful as my Father is, yet He is so HUMBLE. I mean, a God that stoops down from His glorious throne to fellowship and walk with our tainted Humanity.

He is Humble and His humility inspires the heck out of me. Who am I that He should accompany me here right now?!

Who am I that He ALWAYS goes ahead of me to make my paths straight?!

Who am I that He makes Himself readily available whenever I call on Him (and I do call on Him a whole lot)?!

Who am I that He speaks with me, laughs with me, feasts with me and allows me rest in His bosom?!

Who am I?!

Well I guess I'm just a shameless Daddy's Girl.


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  2. This is really special, and may God give you what you asked for as impossible as it seems...according to his will for you.AAAAAAAAMMENNNN!!!!!

  3. hello tariere, I like the writing(s).

  4. Started reading you on 360 Nobs...just had to come read more! Too fab!

  5. Preach it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!