Thursday, July 1, 2010

Current Location: My Bed!
Issue on Ground: Can't sleep and tummy hurts...
Current Solution: Think GOOD thoughts and WRITE!!!

The pain is stabs me occassionally just to remind me its there, but I guess the choice is mine: I can let it ravage me bitter, or choose instead to draw from the streams of exhiliration that's bubbling in places no ulcer can reach.

Tonight (yesterday) I spoke at the MTN Industry Nite Special. It was a great event; fulfilled the purpose for which it was being held..quite a rare feat.

In ALL the goodness that the event held, I was most overwhelmed by the love and support that I was shown by SOOOO many people:

My Mum (Prof Mummy)- Who in her usual way, would not let me leave her prescence without laying her hands over my head and BLESSING me. She tells me ALL the time how beautiful and precious I am. She tells me how close I am to God's heart and ALWAYS looks at me with such pride in her eyes, that I sometimes wonder if the ME she sees is different.

My Sisters: Tonbofa, Tonye, Thelma, Timi..I really dunno what I'd do without the T Bunch. Trust my Dad to give all HIS girls names that begin with 'T'.

My Friends: Jibola Alfred, Toni Tones, Aisha Ibrahim, Seun Opaleye, Pauly Pablo, Debola guys are AMAZING!!! You have become like a WALL around impenetrable wall, in which I know I'm safe. You have accepted me in ALL my eccentricities, and daily I find the strength to be ME cos I know that the more of ME I reveal, the more love and grace I find with you.

My Egbons: You know who you BIG BROTHERS!!! You have set such a standard for me..taught me what I should accept and given me the courage to rise above the murky waters that I allowed myself to swim in at different points in time. You are the voice of my Father in my life; loving, encouraging, scolding, teaching. I know I'm SAFE because of the love I see in your eyes, hear in your words. I feel sorry for the guys who come around me cios I know they'd have to ACE your tests of Excellence..knowing you as true GOD-MEN has given me the courage to believe that I can have my very own.

I also want to thank Matthew Ohio..for believing in me and taking a shot in the dark for me; my beloved cousin and P.A., John Amos, I dunno what I would do without you J-Boi; the nice guy who took care of my phones and bag all evening (dunno his name); Solomon Ikhioda, Paul Olaleye, Aunty Mimi of Troyka Group; and surporisingly, Olisa Adibua, for showing me kindness tonight, even though he hates me!! Olisa you know I'm not intimidated by that gruff exterior you show the world; I experienced the warmth of your heart along with your Intelligence tonight, and iv been reminded why you are undoubtedly the best at what you do.

Yaaayyyyy!!! My tummy doesn't hurt anymore!! The joy in my heart has washed over the pain in my belly. I think its time to visit the beautiful Doctor with the exotic name agin though.

Alright maybe ill sleep now..but before I go, I wanna say something to YOU my TARIERE reader:

YOU have given ME a place where I can BE. You allow me express who I am and that's one of the greatest blessings I know I have. So I want to thank ALL of you..every single one of you, for letting this girl into the most sacred of places..YOUR HEARTS.


  1. Awwww
    Congrats on such a special fete
    its only up from here

  2. I second BBB...awww. Well done and I pray that you will receive even more fulfillment and blessings in all that you do. Kudos. They definitely appreciate you too!