Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Sex & The City 2 Review

I finally saw the Sex & the City 2 movie.

You know it’s only in Lagos where we go for the Premiere and don’t get to see the movie! Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a movie Premiere where you go to see the first release of the movie?!

Anyway let’s not crack our heads over that one.

I got some pretty bad reviews about the movie from people who are die-hard Sex & the City lovers, but I braced myself and decided to go make my own judgment.

I actually really enjoyed the movie!!

Yes, it was long and I shifted uneasily in my seat a couple of times, but all in all, it wasn’t bad. However, I do understand why the usual SATC fans may have been disappointed by it.

had no definite story. It had a lot of great scenes, lines and moments, but in the land of Classic movies, Spectacle can NEVER substitute for a good Story.

A great story draws you the viewer in and carries you through an emotional journey with the Characters; Spectacle on the other hand, keeps you amused/entertained, but doesn’t leave you with that feeling of exhilaration/victory/wonder, that you get at the end of a GREAT movie.

We loved the series of SATC, as from the beginning, each of our Darling Girls had a goal, and we followed them through the ups and downs of attaining it. Unfortunately for SATC 2, there was no tangible goal for any of the Characters to attain that was solid enough to make an entire 3hour movie out of.

Like I said earlier, a lot of interesting scenarios and moments were compiled together to make the movie, however the thread of Story to run through all of them, was almost too blatantly missing.

Even though I’m an advocate for maximizing profit through your Art by incorporating Product Placements, SATC 2’s Commercialism was a little too much and slightly insulting to me the Viewer.

Remember, Samantha’s hormone book? Or the entire Abu Dhabi spectacle? I saw the writers try to play that down by turning the Abu Dhabi experience on the Girls (them being kicked-out after Samantha’s Operation Desert Shag), but it had already left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I wasn’t buying it.

Pre-historic Samantha

After all this, you’re probably confused as to how I could still have enjoyed the movie; well, I ALWAYS appreciate great Art wherever I see it and without a doubt, SATC 2 had GREAT writers who came up with remarkable scenes and lines, that are even worthy of being ranked with the ‘Gone With the Winds’ and ‘Casablancas’, but it’s either they had no Team Work or were under too much pressure from the Curse of Commercialism.

All of their great scenes lacked the unifying factor called Story.

Whichever way, it was a great 3hours to spend with my girl, Yvonne. However, I’d definitely be seeing SATC 3 on DSTv from the comfort of my couch should the Producers decide there is some more milk to be sucked out of the Cash Cow, called Sex & the City.

P.S. - The Fashion in it did inspire some loud ‘Oooohs’ and ‘Aaahhhss’ from us that made up SMALL for everything else it lacked!!


  1. Good review but I am yet to see d movie myself! I am a self professed SATC fan too but after all d reviews, am not so keen on seeing it at d movies!

  2. totally agree wit u
    i loved it also
    but it lacked something
    now i know a story

    PS love d new picture nice!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks BBB!!!

    @Erica: You shld go see least you know not to have too high expectations!!