Monday, May 10, 2010

D-I-Y Orgasms

The Do-It-Yourself phenomenon is truly a revolutionary trend in our Modern World.

Being able to do a lot of tasks yourself saves one not only costs, but also the sometimes agony of having to be dependent on another. Hence, the popularity of D-I-Y Car Servicing, D-I-Y Home Renovation and even D-I-Y Bikini Waxing!!

The Homo-sapiens specie, innovative and evolutionary beings that we are, caught on to this phenomenon long before the Advertising cabals of this world, with the timeless wonder of self-administered sexual pleasures.

I can only imagine the triumphant bliss of the first Man or Woman, probably after countless nights of having to endure his/her spouses back turned on him/her as a result of day-time quarrels, discovering that he/she could satisfy themselves just as it pleased them and for as long (however long) it takes!!

Or the primitive teenager thinking he is being accosted by the gods as he/she for the first time discovers bodily sensations with his/her own hand, as he tries not to alert his parents on the mat next to him.

Regardless of when or how it began, D-I-Y orgasms is a trend that has survived even major world wars, genocides and the most disastrous natural disasters.

A short while ago, I watched an episode of Oprah in which a Sex Educator, was advocating that parents should begin teaching their adolescent kids how to please themselves sexually. Her argument was that teaching a young child to find the pleasures of his/her own body will automatically eradicate the novelty of Sex and will allow the child make better sexual decisions when he/she is older.

Bizarre as her school of thought sounded to me at first, I realized that it did make some sense. The core of her argument is that taking ownership of one’s sexuality enables a person to be a more stable and circumspect sexual being.

But trust my Naija sense; it still just couldn’t accept the idea of me teaching my nephew and/or niece how to masturbate!!

Even though this idea may sound crazy when advocated for kids, the reality is that many people actually first discovered themselves sexually, by their own hand! A lot more young women, even in Nigeria, have taken ownership of their sexual pleasure, and unashamedly go about pleasing themselves just as they dim fit.

A friend recently showed me her Dildo and left me traumatized for the rest of the day. That thing was gynormous!! It looked like a genetically altered tree trunk!! I couldn’t control my reaction as I screamed “You put that s#%t inside …..!!!”

Not all small objects in a lady’s purse that looks like a lipstick is actually a lipstick. As the lipgloss, compact powder and Debit cards are must-go-with-you-everywhere items, the little vibrating ‘lipstick’ has also become a must carry for a lot of females who want to give themselves ‘on the go’ pleasures.

Guys are not left out of the D-I-Y Club as for most guys it came as naturally to them as Underarm hair or something like that!!

So why is it that D-I-Y orgasms have become a vital part of the Sexual Identity of today’s young Woman or Man?

Has the opposite sex become obsolete in our 21st Century Sexual Journey?

Does it have anything to do with the saying that goes “If you want anything done properly, DO-IT-YOUSELF”?!


  1. love the article it was a mind blowing

  2. This is so sex and the city

  3. You are weird, honestly.

  4. D.I.Y orgasm....wat d flip is dat...totally outrageous!!!....1stly, its a sin and it can neva be d same as having sex, which in itself aint ryt outside marriage. so if i must sin, y do it!!!

  5. * y not do it!!!