Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Most Likely Places to Find a Boyfriend in Lagos

First of all, let me outline the qualifications that make me an authority on this subject:

• In this past weekend alone, a total of 4 days, I met 5 great, and I do mean gr-eeaaatt guys, who could make an ideal boyfriend for any girl with good quality taste in men!!

• If you read my ‘Nabbed for Relationship Identity Theft’ column on 360Nobs, you would understand that one of the primary causes of the somewhat dysfunctionalities of some areas in my life, is as a result of having had TOO many boyfriends!! So finding a boyfriend is not really a problem for me, but keeping myself sane with them is more the issue.

• Finally, I have an in-built compass that steers me in whatever direction where there are good-looking, fun-to-be-around, decent men.

So having qualified myself as an Authority on the subject, I shall proceed to give you the JUICE:

1. Fast Foodies: Yes, you heard me right. Men are very solution-oriented unlike us women who can dance around the emotional aspect of an issue for years. So a hungry man is not going to start dilly-dallying about what he wants to eat, but will dash into the nearest fast-food place to get a meal. This includes Pizza Parlours, Shawarma locations and co. where they have to sit and wait a few minutes before their order is ready. I tried and tested this on Sunday after church when I went for a pizza. I saw a nice-looking guy sitting all by himself and went over to ask if I could sit with him. It didn’t take me 2mins of talking to him to see that he was someone worth seeing again!! Pity I was just looking for great Pizza and not a boyfriend..


2. Adrenalin Arenas: Most men looovvee to compete; they literally become like little boys all over again as they try to win that race, or outshine a friend..especially when there are girls watching. Again this weekend, I discovered that one of the best places to find a boyfriend in Lagos is at the Adrenaline Arenas. Try Go-karting, Basketball courts, Soccer pitches and Bowling. It was at the Go-karting arena on Saturday that I saw one of the most attractive men I’ve ever set my eyes on. He was sooo attractive that I spotted him from miles away and reported his presence to my girlfriend. While walking out, he happened to be in my way, so I thought ‘What the heck, I might as well introduce myself’. I did and he soon wanted digits, which I gave. Never hurts to make a new friend..even though I suspect him to be like 12!!

3. Cinemas: This may sound cliché for going on a date, but it is a definite Man-hunt Zone. There are tons of guys in Lagos who are very quiet and don’t like to announce themselves. These guys have few things that excite them, ranging from Comic books, Japanese cartoons and even Sci-fi/Action movies. So they’d go to the cinema alone to watch that new Sci-fi flick they’ve probably been waiting to be released since January. He would sit at the far back, in the darkest section, so he can’t be seen or bothered by anyone..except maybe the strange witty girl at the back who makes him laugh during the movie and ends up being his unofficial date. Trust me; I have guy friends that fit this category who it has happened to. You can be that girl!! (wink n nod)

4. Libraries/Book-Shops: Being a book lover, I often go to Book shops alone and randomly select books which I sit and read there. You wouldn’t believe the traffic of smart, artsy, intelligent and interesting guys that pass me by whilst I’m there.

5. Coffee Shops/ Bars: Before I got an office, I used to work out of Coffee Shops and Bars. I would literally resume there in the mornings and close in the evenings. If not that I was too focused on my work to care, the amount of guys that resumed and closed with me would not have allowed me to do my work well. They are mostly guys in the Arts, Entertainment or basically Business men who don’t have an office yet so come to get work done and have meetings in these places. So girls without jobs, instead of sitting your butt at home and watching Africa Magic Yoruba (lol), get out there with your laptop and look Work Fabulous while you pretend you don’t notice all those guys staring!!

This is all for now. I’ll try to think up some more and share. Remember it’s all about knowing the demo/psychographic of the man you want and then just ‘happening’ to Be where he can find you.

P.S: If you want details of some names of the places you can visit, send me a personal mail on

As usual, your views are always welcome…


  1. i totally agree on the go kart arena ! wa there over the holiday n lord....handsomeness all in the air .. fortunately or unfortunately went in there with my boyfriend;)...appreciated the eyecandy tho'

  2. Thanks for this. if you have tips on the Abuja version, please tell a sister

  3. Japanese cartoons and even Sci-fi/Action movie lovers aint all geeks u!!!

  4. are soooo right!!


  6. @Anonymous: Loooll (*loud Cougar roar**)

  7. Interesting... Okay... Will definitely try it out. But seeing your radar works wonders, why not get the contacts and start up a networking agency... The hook-ups would really help those who are unable to just find these fine men...

  8. Can anyone tell me about the reverse case, that is, 5 Most Likely Places to Find a Boyfriend in Lagos?


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