Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tari!! BLOG...or else..

My big sister came into town today to speak at a Conference about Philanthropy in Nigeria. While playing the supportive little sister at the Conference, I discovered that she is actually a very important person in her field!!

So I watched proudly as she gave her very enlightened and passionate Presentation about how the wealthy can give back to society and also what qualified NGO’s to receive grants from Foundations like hers.

Maybe it was the awe with which the audience regarded her during and after her speech, or the way she was accosted by tons of people seeking her acquaintance even while trying to make a quick getaway, but something definitely got me looking at my sister through a new set of eyes!!

So also awestruck by her Fabulousness, I offered myself to be her official driver and Personal Assistant for the day; although it didn’t involve much more than driving through the surprisingly traffic free streets of Victoria Island and a massive lunch at Cactus.

Gosh I stuffed myself; goat meat Hommus (I’m serious there actually is something like that!!), a massive salad, an insane Steak Parmesan and a delightful piece of Chocolate cake at the end.

As you can imagine, I’ve been completely useless for the rest of the day after my Barbaric Lunch!! I even had to blackmail myself into blogging!!

Anyway, all in all it was a great day..even though I got christened with a new name. My sister has given me the name 'Kasali' as she claims I drive like a taxi driver, complete with the horning and all!!

After all her talk about Giving...that’s the thanks I get??! Kasali abi?!!

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  1. Haha!...but seriously, Your sister is a big deal! She gave a similar address to the UN General assembly, she is the go-to person on the continent on issues such as these.