Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She A'int Messing With No Broke N***A With A Dream

A couple of friends and I were in a very hot debate about this issue:

A guy and girl both in their late 20’s are dating. They are one of the most beautiful couple you ever set your eyes on and are very into each other.

The girl is working a regular 9-5 job; the guy quit his regular job a while ago to pursue his dream of setting up his own Record label. He had a very bright future in the 9-5 he was working and in a couple of years would have been reckoned as one of the hottest young people in that field.

Girl doesn’t really understand why he would do this, but decides to support him anyway. As anyone in the Entertainment Industry knows, it can take years upon years to make a break even Underground, not to talk of Mainstream.

So the guy is constantly broke and is still hustling to make the dream happen even amidst pressures from his family and girlfriend to just forget this childish dream and get a ‘normal’ job.

The girl soon begins to feel the pressure as the reality on ground is a direct contradiction of her expectations when she first began dating him. She wants to get married ASAP; age 30 don dey show face!!

The way things are going, it can take another 10years before her guy makes even a single hit track…is she going to wait that long? Is she going to be one of those women who would have to be feeding her husband?

She voiced her fears to her guy and he understood but pleaded with her to be patient, and believe in him and his dream. He tries to convince her that a lot of progress has been made in a short time and it may happen sooner than they think.

Girl is not convinced and soon ends the relationship.

Very shortly after, she begins to date a young, handsome dude with a solid JOB and a very prospective future indeed!! Things are looking serious and quite good for them.

Guy on the other hand is devastated; but the Hustle must continue.

These were the 2 sides of our debate: one side felt the guy is just being childish and selfish, not wanting to accept reality and be a Man.

The other side, felt that the girl cared only for herself and once she saw that the guy wasn’t matching up to her expectation, she dropped him like a used tampon!!

What say you??


  1. I say she made the Right Choice, She has her dreams and he has his. They did not align, so they separated.

  2. What ever happened to working two jobs?? Holding a 9 to 5 on weekdays and pursuing his childhood dream on weekends...

    Either way am on the side of the guy who got dumbed. The realistic side of me thinks that him quitting his 9 to 5 job sure isn't the wisest thing he has done.

    At the same time, leaving everything thing that seems "normal" and pursuing what you have a passion for in is very cute!!

    Plus when he finally makes it (which I very much think he will),would she still be proud of her decision??

  3. Lol @ "pursuing what you have a passion for in is very cute!!"

    Dont think his girl saw anything 'cute' about it!!