Monday, March 29, 2010

The Right to React

On Thursday last week, I attended a Book reading session by Father Uwem Akpan of his multiple award winning collection of short stories, ‘Say You’re One of Them’, which held at one of my most favorite places in Lagos, Jazzhole, in Ikoyi.

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During the interactive session, after a particularly interesting contribution by Funmi Iyanda, host of talk show, ‘Talk with Funmi’, one particular guest laughed so hard and loud at the comments made.

No big deal, except that I was slightly irritated because I thought what was said was funny, but not thaaatttttt funny!!

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Funmi Iyanda

Then I started to laugh as I realized I was just being a grouch and besides the lady, as with everyone else, has a right to her own reaction!!

You see, you might have already known that, but this was such a profound realization for me. Do you know how much easier my life would be if I always had it at the forefront of my mind that every single person has a natural right to react to events, statements or anything else in whatsoever way they choose ?!

Do you realize how much peace I will have if I didn’t allow myself to be upset any longer by the way people reacted to life?

For one I wouldn’t be upset any more when faced with the news that the Governor of Bayelsa State is being investigated by the EFCC over fraudulent practices to the tune of N100billion when there are kids living in those creeks who will never in their lives have the benefit of a semi-decent education.

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A family in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria

I wouldn’t get upset when those huge Corporate buses cut me off in traffic and drive so irresponsibly as they know I’ll probably never get through to those numbers that are placed under the ‘How’s my driving?’ at the back.

I will have my sanity intact as I now know that just because I’ve complained about the same issue for years on years, that person is not going to change the behavior pattern that has been driving me CRAZY all this while!!

Maybe I also would lighten up on being such a Perfectionist as the Right to Reaction makes it certain that no matter how hard I try, some people just won’t appreciate what I deliver (ok..this one I don’t know sha)

I guess the foundation of the Right to Reaction lies in the fact that everyone is ultimately personally responsible for their action, inaction or (I’m loving this) Reaction!!

Ahhhhhh...finally I can Rest In Peace.


  1. this realization only just struck me too! profound!!

  2. Hi Tolu, I agree...its a definite life changer!!